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Where did everybody go? Perfect time to film a zombie skit?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) January 8th, 2012

I found this photo gallery of London on Christmas day. Erie to see the entire city deserted. My small hometown doesn’t get this deserted. Does yours?

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No, but thats awesome XD

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Woulda been some good shooting time for “28 months later”

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Tuesday morning well, that picture isn’t from that day, but it depicts the situation I found on:, January 3rd.
On my way to work I met the first human when I was one third on my way.
Usually I have to slalom my way through herds of them.

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Wow, it’s so baren and lifeless! Reminds me of Disney’s California Adventure!

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What time of day was it? Hard for me to judge because it is summer here so it is daylight at 5am. Sunrise on Christmas Day in London was about 8am. Sunset began at about 4pm. So, quieter than I would have thought but I would expect it to be very quiet.

I went into Brisbane at about 8.30 am on Christmas Day and while you couldn’t have played cricket down the main streets, it really wasn’t far off.

Great idea to go and take photos without all the pesky people getting in the way!

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I don’t know the time of day. Perhaps it’s in the metatags of the photos. I was thinking it could have been photographed as super long exposures but the clouds are still so that’s not possible. I can’t find the metatags anywhere. I’m inclined to believe the tog because that amount of retouching so many photos would be mind boggling. Looking at the large versions, some of them show camera blur, so a tripod was not used.

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Great idea to go out early (I am guessing) on Christmas Day and take photos. At what other time in a major city like London do you have a hope of getting shots like that with no people in them? I am now thinking this year, if we go into the city for brekkie again, I will go early and take my camera!

Oh and thank you for sharing. I enjoyed looking at the images.

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On big holidays, or major days off, my town does get pretty deserted. It helps that it’s a pretty small place though. Since I don’t celebrate much of anything, I just go out and do my shit, even though everything is closed ecxept the beer store. That’s usually where I’m going anyways…or to the bank, to take out money from the machines. I’m often found thinking…man, this is so zombie style. The mall has bank machines with 24 hour service, and going over to the mall when it’s closed is totally Dawn of the Dead style. It fuckin rocks lol.
Those pictures you linked are damn epic though. A BIG deserted place is just Sir Creeps A Lot. Love it lol.

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