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Is the use of tasers, by the police, more acceptable today, than two years ago?

Asked by john65pennington (29258points) January 9th, 2012

When tasers were first introduced by the police to the public, there was great skepitism of its use, by all concerned.
Question: after two years of trial and error, do you believe the use of the taser has become accepted as an effective tool used by law enforcement today?

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I thought is has been for the last few years?

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They were experimental for about five years, but it seems the public has come to accept them more in the last two years.

I think the show Worlds Dumbest Criminals has been a great help to the public, to understand how and why tasers are now being used. In some cases, its better to use a taser, rather than deadly force. This has helped the police as well as the public to see and understand why law enforcement needed this tool to make arrests on out of control people under arrest.

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I didn’t know about the testing phase. I thought they were always acceptable under circumstances.

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I’ve never know there was a test period, just assumed tasers were an addition to the tool belt. Still, I think most wrong doing folk are carrying guns rather than tasers so I want our law enforcement to keep their guns tool.

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I hope not. I think they are unrecognizedly dangerous.

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I have seen (or at least read) of instances where they were misused but if they had not been tasers, it might have been guns that were misused. But those are the instances that make the news. I am assuming that they are used fairly regularly and effectively and it doesn’t make the news. Cops have a rough job but most of them perform their jobs with respect for their position and the people they protect so I think they should have every tool they need to do that job safely.

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