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No, as long it doesn’t become one huge oppressive regime that treats women as goods/babymakers or the like.

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Yes, it would if it changed governments and cultures.

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What does bother me is right-wing, islamo-phobic fear mongering.

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No more than majority Christian Europe bothers me. I can deal with the moderates of both religions, and I want nothing to do with the extremists of either.

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Well obviously, it would mean the extinction of our glorious white European race~

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A majority of any religion bothers me, but as long as their actions are on the civil rights/humanitarian side, I’m indifferent.

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No, just as it doesn’t bother me Islam is one of the “Big Three” world religions.

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Absolutely. It will put the bars out of business.

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@bkcunningham I never thought about it like that! How would I make my beer battered onion rings and black bean chili with Stout???

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It will be as in the days of prohibition, @Kardamom. Moonshine stills, rum running and speak easies. Ahh, the good old days.

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:| no alcohol? Now there’s a terrifying thought. Lol

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Well, let’s see, one of the top comments on the first video is “RACE MIXING WITH NIGGERS SHOULD BE´╗┐ ILLEGAL!!!”

So it might be hard to convince me the people that buy into this bullshit aren’t white supremacists.

But whether or not it’s a reality, it depends. If Muslim Europe is extremist and wants to “kill infidels”, then yeah, I’d have a problem. But if it’s more like majority Christian America, then whatever. I don’t care as long as no one is trying to convert me.

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I probably would. As Islam is a more comprehensive religion than Christianity, with a lot more rules that intervene with daily life routines. As long as government and law would continue to be strictly secular, however, I have little issue with it.

I live in a Muslim state and it is OK in many ways and I come to the US frequently which seems OK dispite having a majority of Christians and a lot of religious influence on politics.

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It would be a sad event to lose entire European cultures so in that sense I would say yes. Also if the thought of a Christian theocracy should bother many people than so should the idea of a Muslim theocracy.

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@bkcunningham There are bars in Muslim countries. Not all Muslim countries, of course, but in those not run by extremists. In Morocco, for instance, it is only illegal to sell alcohol to Muslims. How is this enforced? If you’re trying to buy alcohol, the cashier is allowed to assume you aren’t Muslim. Since you’re free to not be a Muslim in Morocco, no problem.

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@SavoirFaire, thank you for the information. I know there is much stigma with even drinking in pubic at cafes so they have most of their outdoor seating on the back of the buildings. Out of sight. I suppose the weekly King James Bible study would be out\ of the question?

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@bkcunningham Again, it depends on the country. To stick with my previous example, there are Christians in Morocco, and it is perfectly legal for them to practice their religion (including a weekly Bible study). They are not allowed to proselytize to Muslims, however. It is my hope that a majority Islam Europe would protect the separation of church and state that allowed them to become the majority in the first place and would be more open than even Morocco, which otherwise is a pretty good example of a moderate Muslim nation (and one that loves the United States).

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