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What do you think about Price Chopper?

Asked by afghanhound (150points) January 11th, 2012

I’m wondering what grocery shoppers think about Price Chopper grocery stores, especially compared to other grocery stores like Hannaford, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop, Wegman’s, Top’s, Walmart, Target, Costco, etc. How does it measure up (prices, experience, quality, service, etc.)?

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Never heard of it.

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It must be regional. We do not have it here.

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It’s in the Northeast for those that haven’t heard of it. The quality of their products is generally high, but they are a little pricey. They usually have much better meats and produce than Walmart. Hannaford matches them on quality with maybe a little less price.

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It’s the closest grocery store to me but I only go there if absolutely necessary. The prices on the things I regularly purchase are higher at Price Chopper. I do almost all of my food shopping at Wegmans. Good prices, great selection, and very helpful employees.

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We have Price Choppers here; the one I use is pretty good. It is stocking more organic produce, more gluten-free products and more local stuff.

But still, if you want to buy a glass container of organic grape juice, you have to sift over so many scores of similar-looking products that your eyes cross.

So I continue to do the bulk of my shopping at our food coop, which sells only local products.

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Looks like there is more than one “Price Chopper”:

I remember them from when I lived in Kansas. I didn’t form any particular opinion about them though.

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Wegmans > All other grocery stores.

That is all.

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I’ve been to the one in Albany. It costs more than most of the other stores I shop at. Their sale prices are higher than Walmart’s every day prices.
Which store has the awesome bakery? Is it Shop Right, Hannaford, or Price Chopper?

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