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What kitchen appliances do you have that you feel were incredible buying decisions?

Asked by jca (36010points) April 2nd, 2017

I ask this as I am watching QVC “In the Kitchen with David” and he is promoting a Vitamix. I don’t have one and don’t intend to purchase one, but it’s very tempting.

I have never purchased anything from a TV store such as QVC but I enjoy watching the banter and watching them cook. It’s like watching a cooking show.

I have a breadmaker but it’s been put away somewhere because it took up a lot of cabinet space and I hardly used it. The loaves of bread were not that big and they were very crusty which is not really what I prefer.

I have a waffle maker which I do use occasonally and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I also have two crock pots which I have used when I had parties. They take up space in the cabinets but I consider them something practical to have around.

My sister gave me the Nutri-Bullet which is an incredible blender. I also have a Keurig which I worship and use daily. I have the one that holds a lot of water.

I don’t have a microwave or toaster oven.

I’m not someone that cooks a lot because it’s usually just me and my elementary school aged child.

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My titanium ceramic Gotham steel frying pan. Only cost me $20 and is scratch resistant.

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Aeternum pressure cooker, super-safe and compact.

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A set of pricy ceramic cookware. We have stopped cooking with oil because we simply don’t need it anymore.

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My dad bought my mother a new refrigerator in 1968. I bought it from them in 1998 for $100.

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A mini freezer for the storage room. Also a GE stainless steel from the past toaster .

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I have a simple wedge shaped jar opener.. No moving parts, it works perfectly every time.

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I just found that I asked this question in 2013. Read on, your responses might be here:

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Our Kitchenaid Mixer is going fifteen years strong. It’s a workhorse that gets used almost daily.

More recently, our Nespresso Machine is a welcome addition to the house. It’s heavy duty and makes yummy coffee and espresso.

@jca: Since your last question, we’ve upgraded our Nespresso machine to the one above.

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I got a really nice stick blender from Costco for $20. They’re usually 30 and up. It is so nice to be able to blend soup right in the pot, rather than to try to dump hot soup into a regular blender. This saves having to dump anything and risk burning yourself or spilling soup all over the place.

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Since I live alone part-time, a toaster oven is essential. Not only does it toast various sizes of bread, it bakes single serving items.

The SO bought an electric kettle that heats one cup at a time. It’s our favorite and most used appliance.

The yogurt maker. We bought the most basic one available. It is used about once a week to make a new lite batch. It’s cheap and we know that there are no additional ingredients added.

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