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What would a frog-man hybrid be like?

Asked by Redfishvanish (130points) May 20th, 2008

If a humanoid frog existed like the ones common to MMORPGs, what would it look like, what would it’s anatomy and physiology be like, how would it reproduce, and what organs would it need to be able to breathe underwater?

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It would need gills to breath underwater, and lungs and a mouth to breath on land. I’d say a defining anatomical feature of frogs are their legs, so maybe it would have those.
Frogs reproduce the same way fish do, by laying eggs, then them being fertilized by males. This is already possible in humans if you catch my drift so that’s probably the way it would go.
It’s hard to tell really. I mean it could vary form anything like, a frog with pinkish skin, or a human with horrible slimy flesh and anything in between.

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(frogs can’t breathe underwater)

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frog-person hybrid*, let’s be politically correct here.

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@babo, i concur.

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It would be like Chrono Trigger’s Frog!

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it would be like that one from xmen even though his name was toad close enough

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Here is a picture of the Chrono Trigger Frog I was talking about.

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