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Where can I buy snow cones already made and frozen in OC?

Asked by theredjawa (480points) May 20th, 2008

You know the kind of snow cones you get from the ice cream man, or the little vendor cart? I can’t fine them at any supermarket. I figured they would have like 6 in a box or bag at the supermarket, but nothing?

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You have to find the ice cream man’s supplier. I know of a wholesale in Sun Valley and I’m sure there must be one in OC. Our local guy is open to the public with better prices than the supermarket and has many of those hard to find novelties.

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Here’s a yellow pages link: ice cream wholesale .
There’s one called Brianna’s in Anaheim and quite a few more in OC. Grab me a root beer popsickle while you’re there! Enjoy!

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Check Latino markets.

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