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Is it true that the Native American's can't grow beards?

Asked by Roby (2939points) January 13th, 2012

How can this be? Does anyone know?

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Yes, it is. My late husband was half Native American and half Spanish, and he had very little facial hair. He could grow a mustache and a goatee, but the sides of his face was smooth as a baby’s bum.

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I am one-fourth Cherokee and I rarely have to shave. This is a good thing for me.

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“Some physical characteristics such as black hair are common among many, but not all, Native Americans. Others, including head and body shape, height, skin color, and facial hair, vary significantly. Native American men from Pacific Coast tribes, for example, often have heavy facial hair while other Native American men have none.” source

That said, I have many male friends who belong to different plains tribes and not one of them has facial or chest hair.

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That reminds me, @Blueroses that my husband also had no chest hair and very little arm and leg hair, and also none on his back or neck. At least he didn’t have to wax – ha-ha!

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Well, there has to be some truth to it. I lived in Winnipeg for a long time, and there a lot of natives there. I’ve never, ever seen one with a beard. Sometimes they have little mustaches, and a bit of stubble. Even then. But I’ve never seen full stashes or beards. I have no idea why that is.

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ΒΌ Sioux, I shave about once a week

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Wow. I never noticed this . . . THANKS b/c now I will NEVER STOP noticing this.

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Yeah, my best friends dad is a hundred percent Cherokee, and he has very little facial hair. He has a lot of hair growing out of scalp, but nothing really by the chin.

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