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What should I do to cure this flu?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) January 13th, 2012

I’m battling a flu, on day two. Currently have a temperature of 99.9 degrees. My max temp recorded was 100.4 the other night. I feel the stuffiness in my head/nose region but nothing crazy like constant vomiting and such. Just the good old runny nose. I don’t feel hot at all in fact I feel a bit frigid. What are the basics I should be doing to ensure a speedy recovery? Thanks.

And please allow me to say, if you have a cold, please please please don’t go to crowded public places. This girl next to me in class straight up coughed into the air with out any protection of her hands, inside of elbows etc. And then I got sick. :(

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Stay warm. Keep Hydrated. Rest. Repeat. Keep doing that until you feel better.

I personally use OTCs to help break the fever and to reduce stuffiness, but time itself “cures” the flu.

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Also why do I feel cold if my body is over heated?

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Chills may occur at the beginning of an infection and are usually associated with a fever. Chills are caused by rapid muscle contraction and relaxation, and are the body’s way of generating heat when it feels that it is cold. Chills often predict the coming of a fever, or an increase in the body’s core temperature

Unless you mean your skin feels clammy, in which case I again refer to my above statement: HYDRATE

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Also, as far as the chills, keep in mind that your body temperature is quite above what it normally is. So, to your now hot body, ‘room temperature’ feels much lower then normal, and you feel cold.

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Take cold/flu meds to keep the symptoms in check, if need be.
Fever is sort of a good thing; it’s effectively your body nuking the problem. If your fever runs too high, or for more than a day or two, call your doctor.

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Get plenty of rest.
Drink plenty of liquids, much of it water.
If you are having trouble with mucus and sneezing, take some echinnacea.
You might try Emegen-C. It has electrolytes and will give you a brief burst of feeling better.

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Drink plenty of water. Hopefully it’s just a cold and not the flu!

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Go get some Alkazelser Plus and some Airborn or Emergen-C. Drink it as instructed on the boxes. If you’re only gunna get one, I say Alkazelser Plus. They have a different kind for different symptoms. Plus it makes you feel like you’re drinking magic potion.

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You’ve had some good advice, I’ll just add some humor which is always the best medicine.
Have you noticed your question and opening line rhyme?

What should I do to cure this flu?
I’m battling a flu on day two.

I hear Dr. Seuss lyrics, I think you should run with that and get back to us tomorrow with a poetic update of day 3. ;-D

Feel better!

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@Coloma ahh! I noticed the first line after submission. But not the second, thanks for pointing that out :)

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A teaspoon of honey and lime. Lime has sime vitamin C n the honey helps if you hve flem. you would be suprised how much yu spit out

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When fighting the flu
There’s not much you can do
Except stay in your bed
And rest your poor head

Take plenty of drugs
And hot water bottle hugs
Drink lots from the tap
And take many a nap

Soon you will find
That this clears the mind
Stay in bed until time
Makes you feel fine

Get well soon!

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But I don’t drink tap :) everything else sounds fine.

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