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Do you love to "entertain"?

Asked by smilingheart1 (6431points) January 15th, 2012

When I want to veg I watch HGTV in all its flavours from domestic to international and it sure seems like the high 90 percentile of these folks “love to entertain.” I think I must belong to a minor subculture who just lives an everyday working life, trys to recoup on the weekend and get back at the old 9–5. So I pose the question to you: Do you love to entertain?

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I rarely have the time or energy to “entertain”. Mostly, I just go out when I have the opportunity instead of staying at home and inviting others over.

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I don’t necessarily love to entertain, but I do it somewhat often. I like having guests, I like hosting parties, I like feeding people. I wouldn’t want to do it every day, but I do like to do it. I prefer to host a party than attend one.
My parents were always the type to “entertain,” though, so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it.

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I know lots of people will shout out, “boooorrrrriiiiing!” but I like to have “game nights” for friends once or twice a year where I set up games like Trivial Pursuit in one room, Pictionary in another, a poker table somewhere else, and have video game set up on the TV, and a computer game running on my computer… Serve wine and snacks, too…

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I am afraid I hate ‘clowns’, but I have always been one when I was a young rebbel.
These days I still ‘clown around’ but not anymore to mask my insecurity, more so to make people smile.

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It all depends on the guests and my reason for entertaining. When I lived in Tucson, I’d host a board game night regularly and in Sioux Falls I had a ladies night out once a month where we took turns hosting. Looked forward to these and loved every minute—

However, when I moved here, nope. It was horrible! Torture! Felt so contrived and polite- so unnatural. There’s just something about the community here that makes get-togethers so stiff and I don’t do stiff. I haven’t entertained for 6 years and don’t plan to as long as I’m here. When I move out, I’ll test the waters again.

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I used to love having people over, even if it was just to watch a movie or a football game. But my ex hated it even though she said she loved it. Everything had to be absolutely perfect, and I wasn’t allowed to enjoy myself by mixing with the guests.

One of my goals for the new year is to find a place to live besides the apartment I am in that will allow me to have people over, even if it’s just for a pizza.

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it sure seems like the high 90 percentile of these folks “love to entertain.”

Those are the words that real estate weasels put into prospective buyers’ mouths when they are showing them homes. People project the types of activities they would glamorize doing – like hosting parties and being the centers of attention. In reality 90% of us don’t entertain. Most Americans are sitting at home watching TV every night.

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Well, duh. Even people who like to entertain can’t throw a party every week. It’s a lot of work to plan a party, and clean up afterward, even something as low-key as a game night.

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I very rarely invite people over and never for any kind of formal gathering in which entertaining would be necessary. I find the entire process exhausting.

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Yes. Given the time & opportunity, I love to put on a spread for gathered friends, even picnics.

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