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If a gorilla found a bottle of vodka in the jungle, would it drink it?

Asked by Tachys (1531points) January 15th, 2012

I’m just not sure.

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I don’t think it would. as the smell/taste would repulse it

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Would the gorilla have the manual dexterity to unscrew the cap? I doubt it. And if the gorilla would just knock off the neck of the bottle to release the liquid, my guess is that a whole lot of it would spill before the gorilla had even one sip.

But, I think that @coffeenut is correct, the odor would turn him off and even if he tried it, the taste would repel him.

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Make this is a gorilla tested easy opening cap.
Aren’t you assuming it would not like the odor/smell?
I direct your attention to the martini.
Have one.

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I doubt he would, if he could even get it open. If his brain doesn’t register anything in the alcohol as a need when sniffing it or wtv, he isn’t gonna drink it.

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It’s actually possible he/she would. I mean it is a matter of curiosity. If you found say an unopened beer bottle when you were younger you want to see what it is right? Same thing. And that is assuming it could open the bottle in the first place. The smell and taste wouldn’t necessarily repulse it actually. I mean, to me I hate the smell and can barely stand the taste of it, but other people love it. Why isn’t it the same for animals? Especially with ones that have a make up so similar to us.

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@College_girl True, they are like us in many ways, and primates adapt pretty easily I think, but their survival instinct on the physical side is a lot more grounded than ours is. Gorillas and other types of primates live in jungles for the most part. If they had to eat and drink everything they see, we wouldn’t even know what a monkey is.

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It very well might. They drink alcoholic sap from bamboo shoots.

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