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Mold into compost?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) January 18th, 2012

This morning I found an abundantly moulded orange… and the question came: “Into compost, or not into compost”?

I’ve actually cast mouldy elements into my compost, already, but lets say just some small mouldy scraps or old bread I can’t use for the ducks.

What effects, if any worthy of notice, would such a small amount of mould spores have on the proportionally immense amount of other “sane” portions of my fertiliser?

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The mold is a natural part of the decomposition that takes place in nature. Throw it in the compost and don’t think about it again.

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Exactly what I believe in: Natural processes.
Yes, it’s already in :-)

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I don’t compost now, but if memory serves me; you should be careful composting oranges because of the acid content. It is a deterrent to worms which you want in your compost. However, moldy oranges are fine because the chemicals that worms don’t like are already broken down by the mold.

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I started a compost pile but did not have success with it. I know how could anyone not succeed? Well, I did not cover it nor did I have worms to help and because of the extreme colder temperatures here I believe that the worms that may have been in the soil that I did use as the base died. How do you all compost?

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Yes, toss it in, it’s already halfway to compost. Hey @Anatelostaxus In the summer I mix the goose pool water with miracle grow and my plants go nuts. You can toss your chicken, goose manure in too, just no carnivore poo, obviously. :-)

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