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I've read the fluther guidelines...

Asked by Tantigirl (1709points) May 20th, 2008

and so now I’m wondering what further information fluther veterans think us new members need to/should know about using the fluther site?

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It’s been quite a day for new jellies! Welcome, Tantigirl; please see this thread from earlier today to find information that may help you in getting your bearings. And feel free to ask any follow-up questions here or on the other thread!

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I did read that one. I was meaning something more like inside information, stuff you think we should know that isn’t included in the “official” blurb.

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Here’s my two cents;

Be clear, be original, be clever, be sure to spell “definitely” correctly, be nice and be quick about it.

Use space bar, use spellcheck, use breaks, use restraint, use common sense, use Upper Case when appropriate and use periods.

Use us well and we will reciprocate.

Here’s a good question and set of answers; Suggestions for Summer Reading

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@gailcalled Awww, you make me blush! Thanks. As a bibliophile, I have been really enjoying all the great responses.

@Tantigirl Welcome. My l’il bit o’ advice would be relax, be yourself, and now that you have read the basics, c’mon in the water!

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@Tantigirl; to see a horse of a different color, check this question out..

allegedly about a garden,dog, rabbit, beak,——> ?

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Just ask good questions, be clear, and always search first.


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welcome tantigirl. mmm you look familiar :)

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Always expect at least one rude answer, and dont let it bother you = )

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Lol, does that mean I can be rude back?!!!!!

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Of course! ; )


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