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How do I deal with procrastination?

Asked by 90s_kid (2193points) January 23rd, 2009

Judi, Laureth, Gailcalled, and all you other knowledgeable jellies, please help me! I have serious procrastination problems. (i.e.:right now). I am in Highschool, and procrastinate from homework every day. I LOVE fluther but I don’t :S. How do I deal with procrastination? What tips do you have?

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*British shocked voice
*puts hand on chest in flusteration
I do say! I can tell when my company is not appreciated around here!
fair thee well!”

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… I’ll get back to you tomorrow on this…

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[edit to save space]: vvv I am not sure that is what I want, though. to your end comment:ok…..

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in all honesty (if my opinion even matters…) I used to try and avoid homework too.

Aslong as it gets done I peronslaly don;t think yu have anything to worry about.
Besides, I always found that doing my homework in a panicky rush actually made it better because I was fixed on completing it.
If I took my time over it I forgot about it, or I just did it to get it out of the way and didn’t put much thought into it.

Like I said, if you get it done at some point. You have nothing to worry about as far as I’m concerned.

(and the first comment is about you showing favoritism… it’s sarcasm don’t worry)

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Learning self restraint is a part of growing up and becoming an adult. Sure it’s immediate gratification by browsing Fluther instead of doing homework, but you know that it’ll be more trouble later on when your work is not done. So compromise with yourself. Do a portion of your homework, say a quarter, then come browse Fluther for 5 minutes (yes, five, put on a timer!). Wash, rinse, repeat.

The personal benefits of homework (which itself is a controversial matter) come from doing the problems and using your brain and practicing the methods, not in handing in a sheet of paper with answers on it (well that’s a school-passing benefit). If you can see how doing homework helps you, it may be easier to do or at least become a bit more motivated to do it.

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Hm…I’ll try that. But only 5 minutes? :S :D

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I can be of no help, I am sorry to say. I put off all things I hate doing for as long as possible. As it happens, I loved school (and was very surprised to learn that many of my classmates didn’t). I found the homework very interesting, most of the time. But I was schooled in an era that was not test-biased.

A case in point is doing the tax prep work for my CPA. I will wait until I hear the rush of the guillotine blade descending before I get galvanized.

Right now I am brooding on the difference between “careen” and “career.” That’s probably not riveting to many others.

And 90s-kid; you get so mad when you disagree with my advice. Once burned, twice shy.

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@gailcalled I wondered if you were being impersonated. A typo and a sentance fragment in one thread?

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@syz: I’d call that last thing an imperative, or possibly, an adage, And since it’s my typo, I can’t seem to find it. Did you spell “sentance” like that on purpose? I will now drive my car over a cliff and see what eats it.

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@gailcalled Touche! I shall cease and desist in my concern for your bodily integrity, apparently it is you!

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I really haven’t figured it out yet. I’ll let you know tomorrow. Oh wait, weekend. How about Monday maybe. Tuesday? I’ll let you know.

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Fluther is the WORST thing for procrastination. Try coming here less often? (yea nevermind thats a lot harder than it sounds)

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Corny joke, but gave me a laugh lurve

could you keep everyone on topic? PM if you want to talk about something. Thanks! :)

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@90s_kidhated your question but now it’s GREAT!

+3 my friend, lurve

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I am not a beggar, But GA says 0….

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gq…and oops…there now

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Here is a great video on Time Management.

Also, you should look up Randy’s “the last lecture” I was really sad to hear about his story, and I didn’t even know him.

They’re both long videos, but well worth the watch.

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thanks, I looked at some of it, but not the whole thing, sorry. :) It’s more on how to save time, but thanks.

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actually, if you watched it, Randy mentioned some of the things you’d learn in it, and one of them is dealing with procrastination. I suggest watching it all, it’s quite insightful.

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i actually cried at some point during that last lecture video. Very inspiring, and very touching.

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At some point you just have to buckle down and do it. There’s no magic wand.

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@uberbatman @RandomMrdan – me three. fantastic video, great thoughts. i haven’t seen the time management one though, so I am bookmarking that for tonight :)

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@PnL uh huh… putting it off until later. Greaaaaaaaat.

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haha, the best part is, i wasn’t even trying to make a joke based on the Q of this thread. guess that shows how well I deal w/ procrastination

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Procrastinate procrastination.
aka, put off procrastination till later.

let me know how that goes, I might have to try it myself

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Ugh, I wish I knew.

and everyone should watch the last lecture video!

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Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

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“If not now then WHEN?”

Listen to some Anthony Robbins aka Tony Robbins…look him up on YouTube!

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good luck… c’est la vie

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Procrastinators are the leaders of tomorrow.

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Here are the top 10 reasons I procrastinate:


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haha, Blue freedom that’s funny——I always have to read your posts!
But come on guys, enough with the jokes. I am failing a few classes and procrastination is the #1 reason why.

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This is what I do…
If there is a task I must get done that I would rather not do, I break it down into sections and reward myself when each section is done.
For example…if you have a paper, due break it down…research, outline, rough draft, final draft, review and final polish to grammar and detail, packaging.
So, when you get the research done, you get a reward. Maybe fifteen minutes of fluthering or something else you would rather be doing. Then work on the outlne and when that is done, a reward and so on.
Also, find I do better if I don’t wait til the last minute so I will give myself a false deadlne if it is due on Friday I will set my due date to have it done by wednesday. That way, if you run. To a snag you don’t have to panic.

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Come on 90’s_kid. You can’t expect us to “come on guys, enough with the jokes” and solve your procrastination problem. Life doesn’t work like that. You have to take responsibility for yourself and find answers to your own problems. Others have already mentioned time management, which is one key to eliminating procrastination, and there are many other resources related to it beyond the one video that you didn’t watch through to completion. There are many other avenues to eliminating procrastination, such as simply buckling down and doing your work! There are also many self help books about procrastination and better usage of time, such as the interesting Getting Things Done book by David Allen.

If you truly are failing some classes due to procrastination, STOP PROCRASTINATING AND DO YOUR WORK! See, it’s as simple as that. Unplug your internet (turn off your computer if you don’t need it for your homework in fact), go into a totally different room in your house, and do not leave until your homework is done. Be rough with yourself or you’ll keep letting your desires walk all over you. Once you’ve dug yourself out of the pile of work you likely have now, then you can start looking into Gettings Things Done or another style of time management to learn how to better organize your life.

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Then Ignore the thread and get on with your life. What you said in the second paragraph: There are easier, better ways. Like basp’s for example.
Yes, a good idea is to make a false date. But then on Tuesday night, I’ll be like “It’s due wednesday, but really do friday so I am good.” I’ll try to just WEDNESDAY and end it I guess :) Thanks.

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There are easier and better ways towards accomplishing work, beyond simply sitting down and DOING the work, such as making false promises to yourself about doing the work and then ultimately not doing it, as you just said you would? By the way, basp’s answer contained basically the same information I said in my first – break it down and reward yourself for accomplishing a bit. So I don’t get where you say basp’s answer consists of an easier and better way to eliminate procrastination, no offense meant to basp’s wonderful answer of course.

I had a problem with procrastination. Had. But I solved it and am now a better stronger more efficient person. So yes, I will indeed get on with my procrastionation-less life, and you can have fun with your procrastination issues which you don’t really seem to want to solve at all.

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@dynamicduo You have gotten past the purpose of fluther.
“Come on 90’s_kid. You can’t expect us to “come on guys, enough with the jokes” and solve your procrastination problem. Life doesn’t work like that.”
That makes no sense at all. You guys can help. Maybe not you, but other jellies. If you think that you jellies can’t then what is the point of fluther?
I believe you guys can help me because I have seen it before. Stop following this thread please.

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watch the time management video if you haven’t already…there are several tips that one could use to get stuff done throughout the day.

One that I can recall goes like this…Make a 4 square diagram with 4 spots open for 4 tasks. Split into equal portions, top left is Most important, and due the soonest, bottom right is least important, and do the latest. Bottom right is not important, but due soon. And top right is Important, but not due soon.

It gives you a breakdown of the order you should do your tasks, starting with the most important. Numbering them 1–4 should go like this…Top Left = 1, Top Right = 2, Bottom Left = 3, Bottom Right = 4.

Make a to do list for each day and number them in levels of importance always helps too.

Create a calendar with due dates, test dates, when homeworks are due, appointments you might have, practice for sports, work out time, dates for events, the list goes on, but just organize yourself so you spend less time searching for things you should already know. The more you have on a calendar, the less you have to try and remember.

And I think DynamicDuo was really just saying that we can’t force you to do your homework, you have to take it upon yourself. Time Management is just a vague term to you I’m sure, but if you have good Time Management it should eliminate procrastination.

Watch the Time Management Video.

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wow, reading the answers to this question has actually helped me out a bit.
Currently procrastinating by watching the video though…

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im 21 in college and still procrastinate, lay off the weed bro.

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Just put it off for another day and don’t worry about it…

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When you find out, let me know!

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