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Do you prefer to watch a show with attractive people, or a show with ridiculously attractive people?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14659points) January 19th, 2012

Serious question. I was eyeballing the cast of the new Survivor today and found I cared much less about their intrigues than I did when the participants were within the realm of normal looking.

Do you lose interest in any shows for this reason? Is there an uncanny valley of sorts where the drama becomes ridiculous?

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I like The Big Bang Theory. That should tell you something…

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I prefer approachable/quirky/normal to plastic/perfect “mactors” (model/actors). I find I don’t give a shit about beautiful, rich people Baww-ing about their problems.

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I don’t watch many shows in general because it all seems fake (because it is, of course). If everyone on the show is too attractive, it makes it more fake because that’s not reality.

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It really depends on what exactly it is that I’m watching. Some spy or socialite drama show, where it’s supposed to be all glamorous and looking at the pretty people is half the fun? Ridiculously attractive. But the rest of the time, where I’m trying to identify with characters (30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, etc), just attractive, even regular or plain is better.

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It would depend on how ridiculous I was feeling.

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I don’t know that I care what they look like. I am more interested in what they say and do. They could be drop-dead-gorgeous, but if they talk shit… or are unpleasant… I don’t think I would find them very appealing. I don’t watch reality TV though so perhaps that’s why I don’t really care so much about the actors looks.

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Television?!?! What’s that???

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I don’t watch TV and about the only time I watch a movie is on an airplane (on a laptop) because I’m too cheap to pay for internet. But, to answer the question, I like TV/Movies with plain looking stars because I can be reasonably sure the actors are there for their acting ability and not because they’re cute.

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I much, much prefer to watch shows with average looking people. I am more inclined to watch a less than amazing show… if the cast looks like the people I would see on a day to day basis. The more average looking, the more I like it.
This does not include casts where everyone is beautiful, and they have one heavy woman, or one goofy looking guy. That irks me.

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I like the Big Bang Theory too :) Pretty simple, if I like a show I like it. Has nothing to do with people’s faces.

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I don’t like a show based on the looks of the cast. One of my favorites is Survivor. The cast may look plastic before they start shooting, but give them a week without a shower and a stick for a toothbrush and they ain’t all that pretty anymore. It’s still a great game show imo.

I also love Dexter and Breaking Bad. Not that many great looking people on Breaking Bad. Dexter is pretty hot, but in a nerdy, serial killer kind of way.

My new guilty please is Revenge. The entire cast is beautiful, but again, that’s not why I enjoy the show.

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Wow. Quick note, you search “Revenge tv”, in google Images, you get some NSFW stuff back. Or maybe google just knows me.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought lol. Revenge (I can’t get enough of this show.)

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I like Mike and Molly.

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See I care about these people already.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I like how it’s not even until the third page that you get a poster for the ABC show, and then not until page 8 that you get another 2 SFW images…

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought No, that’s with personalization off.

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