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Have you started feeling old, yet? At what age did it "hit" you?

Asked by zensky (13418points) January 21st, 2012

Kids – feel free to chirp in. It’s not just an alte kaker thread.

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”—“0 made me feel old!!

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68 here and still a teenager at heart and mind.

The only time I will be old, is when they close the casket on me.

God has been good to me and I thank him.

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I started to feel old when I got my first glasses at the age of 20. But then, I’ve always had an acute sense of time passing much more quickly then I would like as a whole. It’s a blessing and a curse.

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My body is starting to feel old but my mind is still young. It scares me though, that I’m most likely well past the halfway point. I don’t want to get old, I’m not done playing yet.

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A lot of my passions and hobbies are centered around things that while they belong to the real world, offer an alternate immersion. Such as horror movies, video games and zombies. Horror movies I’ve been into since I can remember, and video games and zombies (because yes, while zombies belong to the horror genre, I think they deserve their own niche) I discovered when i was 12 or so. I take my entertainment really seriously, (one may have noticed, since instead of actually answering this, I’m just talking about zombies) because too much real stuff sucks. And that’s not a conviction I made yesterday. Lol.
My hobbies and interests have always been deeply hooked within me, and that has not strayed today. (I’m 29, will be 30 in almost a month) So it’s hard to feel old when my feel for my stance on things I love always feels the same. It never seems to waver or change. I think there’s a metaphor I could make about zombies being undead in relation to this. The exception that might make me feel old in regards to this is that some horror movies sometimes bore me when I know that, had I not seen the concept or idea a million times before, they wouldn’t. Same with some video games. Sometimes I play a type of game I loved years ago, only to go ’‘aah not this again’’. I’m glad I became a trophy whore with the PS3, it forces me to play different kinds of games, and some that I never played before make it seem all magical and shit again.

Physically, I don’t feel old either. I do have some problems, and am experiencing some alarming changes in my body and health due to drinking, but I’m pretty sure none of those problems are due to aging. They’re prolly not gonna make aging any better though, when that comes. XD

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At 49, feeling old changes from day to day.

On days I awaken with plans, I feel young.

On days I awaken with no plans, I feel old.

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I refuse to grow up. My inner child is still12. As Alice in Chains All Secrets Known blares in my headphones.That’s some good stuff. Although the next track is Check My Brain so maybe they’re trying to tell me something.

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I definitely felt “oldish” turning 20…since I had been a teenager for so long and now I’m two decades old. Still, I don’t really feel that old. Having a birthday in late August also means that I’m younger than most of my peers, which I don’t mind either :)

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I just turned 52 and yep, ch, ch, ch, changes. lol
I’m a lively girl but the old bod is starting to have it’s quirks.
Random knee freeze, funky ankle, various little tweaks and a chronic stuffy nose.
Oh, the joys of low estrogen and years of body use, bring it on! :-) haha

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Mid-40’s here. I don’t feel old, but I am very aware that “young” women in their 20’s and 30’s might view me as “old” and that some people feel that a woman in her 40’s should not wear clothes and jewelry that a woman in her 20’s and 30’s would wear. For example, I saw on Fluther a few months ago that someone wrote that someone my age should not wear feather earrings. I was very aware of that thought as I bought feather earrings around the holidays! There are definitely things I would not wear that younger people wear, and I’m aware that we have different tastes, although my taste is not “old lady-ish” just yet.

Also, when I was in my 20’s and 30’s, the radio would be on constantly when I was home. Now it’s just on constantly when I’m in the car, but at home, you can hear a pin drop. When I’m in the car, I’m blasting hip hop and hard rock, so that is not too old lady-ish! I think I’ll be listening to the same type of music till the day I die!

As far as my physical self, I just had weight loss surgery and so I am actually in better shape than I was even a few years ago. I do look in the mirror and see some wrinkles, though, but it’s all good.

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I stoop down to get something from the back of a low cabinet and I’m reminded. I climb three flights of stairs and am out of breath and I remember. I have 5 things to do and forget one . . . or two. Names are not as close to the tip of my tongue a they used to be. I always said I’d never be someone who had to take a bunch of pills; but I do. Otherwise, I’m about 40 and if I didn’t have these darned reminders I wouldn’t know it wasn’t true. I wonder what it takes to have your birth date changed on your birth certificate.

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Mentally it’s hard to believe I’ll be 69 years old next week. I always thought that sounded very old, but I don’t feel that old.

My body has slowed down some, I can’t do as much as I once could, but I’ve been weak all my life, so it’s nothing I haven’t felt before. I love being a grandma.

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Turning 60 this year , but feel , no, I know i am blessed with a young free spirit that still holds on tight, I am in what I consider very good shape physically not that I exercise to maintain this, I am just that way I do eat Organic, and juice and stay away from processed food for the most part, Though yes I still sneak in a treat or two if the craving comes,,,slowly all that is going away, I eat less than when I was eating from restaurants and fast food places… Eating Organic you really do not find yourself as hungry as when eating processed and genetically modified foods. I only feel my age when I see that strange older woman staring back at me from a mirror. :-)... and realize it is me.

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From: Slice of LIfe

I aint Getting any Younger

When I was a young person, I thought I would never see sixty three years old because it was so far ahead into the future. Time seems to stand still when you are young. I never thought much about getting older. It just crept up on me. I awoke from a dreamlike trance and realized that sixty three years passed quickly.
As a child I could always find fun things to do to occupy my mind to keep me enjoying being a child. Something as simple as finding a tin can to kick as I walked to town was one thing up which I did to ease boredom, and frustrations of growing. What simple times those were, no worries no problems, just trying to keep the can out of the ditch and in the road.
When I turned Sixty, I had only one thing on my mind making it too sixty-two. I exclaimed to all concerned that I would walk off my job wave bye, and not look back. Now, that I’m retired and have many miles behind me, I constantly remind myself that ‘I aint getting any younger.’
Congress should pass a law that would let folks retire at a younger age, say 52. This would give most folks about 10 years more to enjoy. It seems that many folks never make it to retirement. Some pass away long before.
As I age, I am learning to savor everything. I enjoy spending time with every loved one in my life. I have learned to enjoy every rainbow, every sun set and sun rise. I learned to watch the skies at night for wonders in the cosmos, perhaps discovering a shooting star to make a wish upon.
‘I aint getting younger’ is a familiar phrase that reminds us—- time waits for no one. I have written about aging before in my column and each time I write about aging it requires a lot of soul searching of my past. Did I accomplish everything I was capable of? Did I do all I wanted too? Did I visit all the places I wanted to visit? The answer is always—- not yet and I tell my self-conscious mind, again . . . ‘I aint getting any younger.
I just try not to take life or aging for granted. I live one day at a time and make the best effort I can to do the best of my ability.
I was in a Shopping Mall once where they had a shop dedicated to ‘‘Over the Hill’’ folks. It was full of gage gifts and some were not too flattering, and some were X-rated. I did not see the humor in giving gag gifts for old folks, even when I was young.
Those young folks that bash old folks and make fun of them need to be reminded that they themselves will be in our place someday. They will be the ones getting the ‘over the hill’ gage gifts from their younger friends. Please, if you want to celebrate my Birthday, don’t buy me one of these over the hill gag gifts. Just buy me a card that’s congratulating me for arriving ‘Over the Hill’ with most of my body parts intact and still working.
Life is short, sometimes shorter, and you only live once, but we can have a life to completeness by enjoying all to be enjoyed, observed and accomplished. Now if you will excuse me . . . I think I might walk to town, visit some friends and maybe find a can to kick along the way. After all I aint getting any younger.

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I do think humor is everything. I can joke about officially becoming middle aged woman in a bathrobe. lol

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I had a haircut last week and when I put my glasses back on I was a bit shocked to see an old man with greying hair sitting in the chair. I have no idea who he was, I hurried out of the shop and just left him there.

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Mentally still in my late teens/early twenties.

Chronologically coming up on a milestone birthday later this year (the big 4–0)

Physically the warranty expired on many of my body parts in the last 10 years..there are certainly parts of me (my prematurely gray hair) that look or feel considerably older than my age..and a few parts (my freckled face that looks youthful and hides wrinkles) that are doing a good job at hiding my age.

If you’re only as old as you feel..I’m 19.

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I don’t necessarily feel old, I’m 29, but the reality of the fact that I’m not ever going to get any younger has hit me. Sort of “well, shit, now I’m stuck being an adult forever.”

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No. I’m 45 so I could very well be more than halfway done but I still enjoy the same activities I did in my 20’s. I envision feeling old when I hit my mid 70’s, when I’ll likely have physical stuff that will keep me from climbing trees or bouncing around on an ATV.

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I felt older than I am when you called me jailbait @zensky ;)

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My late forties,aches and pains stick around for weeks and weeks,and really have to watch what I eat or it goes straight to the middle section.

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I just turned 67 and thank goodness I am still healthy in good weight and in good shape. I think it is partially due to the fact that I run and swim and try to keep it that way but good genes help as well. What makes me feel my age is the rest of the world. I recently applied for some part time work and in order to even be considered had to lie about my age. I made myself 55 which I can easily pass for. But it was a strain trying to remember graduation and job dates, etc. Isn’t it a shame that there are many who could work but choose not to and I who is willing to work has to lie in order to be considered.

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I’ve felt much younger in the past 6 months than I have for years. I’m exercising, losing weight, got a new haircut and hair color, and my whole disposition is 10 years younger than a year ago. A positive outlook and new future plans makes a world of difference.

I’m 40 and can still do a better cheerleading jumps than all of my cheerleaders.

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Your age is just a number and state of mind.

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The only thing that makes me feel a little bit old (and sad) is the fact that I more than likely will not have anymore children, and the fact that my oldest children are old enough to make me a grandma. I do feel older when I’m at my daughter’s school (she’s 8) and many of the parents are much younger than me (I just turned 41).

I do still feel young and look to my sisters who are 50 (and have the bodies of a 20 year old) and know that there is hope for me. ;) srsly, it sucks when your 50 yr old sis has a better body than you

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When my back gave out on me- I have plenty of mental energy!! and am still interested in everything.

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50 and fibro and bone issues. I feel old as hell.

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I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately as I recently turned 39. I probably should start to feel old but I don’t. I’m am more confident now and I’m having such a great time with life in general. I remember how I felt in my 20s and it wasn’t fun. I’ll take 39, 40, 50 any day of the week.

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@MilkyWay Let me know when you’re legal. ~

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She has to let you know?
It’s pretty cool that such barriers weren’t put between her and I. :D

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HENCE THE ~~~~~~~~~ :P

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I just one of these; ~


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Heh…more old broad humor.
It was raining last night and I wanted to sit in my hot tub, but…didn’t want to have soaking wet hair, soooo, put my hair up in a clip and put a veggie bag over my head. lol
Infact, the pitter patter of the rain on the bag lent itself to a nice little audio experience. Sleet on the brain.
Maybe time for one of those old lady shower caps. haha

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