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Which of these names do you like most?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (39007points) January 22nd, 2012

This is purely hypothetical, I’m not pregnant. Tell me which name you like most. For my hypothetical daughter, I mean. And you can make other suggestions.

Celeste, Evangeline, Adelaide

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Celeste. Plus, it’s hard to mock, and she can call herself “Celeste the best”.

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@Blackberry Hopefully, only when’s she like 5.

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All pretty. Adelaide first, second Evangeline, Celeste last.

Celeste seems pretty common, Evangeline will always be Eve, or some other contraction.

Adelaide is a name that sounds too good to make a nickname for.

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All day long

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Honestly, all of them sound like (and are) porn stars names.

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Though, that kind of depends on whether or not you are for/against having all of your children’s names starting with the same letter.

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@johnpowell Find me a name that someone hasn’t turned into a porn star name.

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I like Celeste, it’s also the only one I can’t shorten. I mean Eva or Eve for Evangeline or Adel(e) for Adelaide.

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Eh, I have met many people who prefered their full names as opposed to shortened versions and I see a lot of frustration vented over it. I guess I’ve joined the train of thought of why give a child a name that can be shortened which could possibly cause unnecessary grief?

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Evangeline, Celeste, Adelaide that’s the order in which I like the names.

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Adelaide makes me think of marmalade. You know, the food product.

Evangeline does nothing for me. Except remind me of an overrated porn star.

I like Celeste quite a bit.

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For your hypothetical daughter, I’d go with more gender neutral/interchangable name like Arron or Cole.

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Celeste is awesome.

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Celeste sounds too much like molest to me, therefore I do not care for it. Evangaline is a little long. So I like Adelaide. It’s pretty and it flows well off the tongue.

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@Neizvestnaya Cole, really? I never thought I would hear that name as a recommendation. It is, solely in my personal opinion, the worst name ever.

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Evangeline shortens in several other ways than those mentioned above: Van, Vangie, Lina. If it were my name, I’d like having so many options.

Adelaide sounds hopelessly old-fashioned to me. Adelaide is high ruffled lace collars and starchy gowns. Adelaide is high-button shoes. Adelaide does well in school, never uses rude language, and always carries a handkerchief.

Celeste is pretty but perhaps a trifle undistinguished.

There’s no name that can’t be mocked or parodied and probably no name that doesn’t have a bad association for someone. I say go with what you like.

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I think all three are beautiful. I think I’d have to look at the baby to pick the one I like best. I have to feel it in my heart.

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@Jeruba I do think that’s how Adelaide comes off…which is why having my daughter carry that name will be ironic because she will be nothing like that.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir if you’re for A,A, & A… then I am even more for “Adelaide.”

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Haha, all the Celestes I know are quite annoying. I in fact, like the name Adelaide, LOLZ… But it’s your choice overall! :D

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Celeste. Then Adelaide, then Evangeline.

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Woah. People actually say “lolz?” I thought that was a joke, all along.

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I’m voting for Celeste. I particularly like the Italian pronunciation, “Cēlestē”.

And since we can suggest a new one, may I offer Corrina?

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1. Evangeline, 2. Adelaide, 3. Celeste

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@cprevite No names that start with a ‘K’ sound as my last name starts with a K sound.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir: Ah yes. That would be a little to Stan Lee (Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Bruce Banner)

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I love the name Adelaide, but extremely dislike the other two.
Going with the whole “A” theme, I also love and suggest the names Addison, Avery, Annalise, and Amélie.

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@Fly We have thought of Amelie, yes.

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I really do not like any of them.

How about Maggie, named after my Great Pyreneese?

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I’m with @Fly. I really don’t like the other two names, at all.
Ariana, Artemis, Annika, Anya.
Normally I hate thinking about baby names, particularly when there is no baby expected in the immediate future. I think I just learned that I like “A” names, though. Because I like all of the “A” names listed so far.

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@john65pennington Is that a dog? You think I’d name my daughter after your dog?
@ANef_is_Enuf I’d consider Annika

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I would probably name a kid after my cat and hope he lived up to Barry’s noble status.

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What does it mean that the first thing I thought after reading your question, @Simone_De_Beauvoir, was this was some type of sociology experiment? It doesn’t seem like something I imagine you’d ask. Nor do the names seem like anything I’d imagine you’d name a girl. Huh. Go figure. With the exception of Adelaide, they all somehow make me think of something, what is the word, Christian-oriented, maybe.

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@bkcunningham Actually, this is all real…lol…these are the 3 names we’re considering for our hypothetical daughter…and we’ve been having fun with this for 3 weeks or so…we’re planning to conceive in April and I like many Christian names, actually…it’s okay, I don’t mind.

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I like Celeste. It has that hint of lofty aspirations to it. Celestial, starry, dreamy, perhaps shell be a star, a standout. I think of Josh Groban singing “Vincent”

Starry starry night. Paint your pallette blue and white…..etc.

Thus ends my free-associating for today :)

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My late-daughter’s name is Phoebe Hope. I will always hold that name in high esteem. I like Celeste. I don’t really like Evangeline (it is hard for my southern tongue to say it smoothly), and Adelaide reminds me of that old barber shop quartet song, “Sweet Adeline.”

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Adelaide makes me think of Australia. Evangeline makes me think of the actress Evangeline Lilly from Lost and Celeste reminds me of Celestial Seasonings tea.

hmm. not too sure what I like. How about Betty. I joke

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1. Evangeline
2. Adelaide
3. Celeste

In that order.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir You think your next child will be a girl?

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Celeste. It’s kind of ethereal and delicate. Not so good for a tomboy. For me, Adelaide is always the floozy in Gus and Dolls. Evangeline is good too, but she’ll probably be called Evie or Angie.

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I love the name Evangeline. I had never heard it before watching the mini-series called The House of Elliot.

The woman named Evangeline was played by actress Louise Lombard and I found her to be not only beautiful, but strong and passionate. I love the name Evangeline. She was called Evangeline, but most of her closest allies called her Evie, which I also like. My own grandmother was named Eva and it just resonated with me.

I also like Celeste, but my first encounter with that name came from Celeste the elephant from the Babar the Elephant book series

I also like Adelaide, but mostly think of that name in terms of barber shop quartets singing Sweet Adeline, which is very similar. But I love barbershop quartet music!

So I like them all, but would pick Evangeline as my favorite.

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To be completely honest, I don’t particularly like any of them too much, but they do have some positives. Evangeline makes me think of Evangeline Lilly, who is pretty and a good actress, but the name makes me think of “evangelicals” whom I sick to death of hearing about in the news. Names ending in ”-ine” also make me think too much of chemicals.

Adelaide is a nice city in Australia and it does make me think of Guys and Dolls, but as @Jeruba pointed out, it sounds old-fashioned and too many /d/ sounds make it seem a little less pretty.

Celeste makes me think of the heavens…the /st/ sound at the end is a little coarse and for some reason it makes me think of porn. I don’t know why. I know nothing about straight porn. :P

Out of those three I would probably choose Adelaide. I have a female friend named Addison, she goes by Addie, she likes it. Adelaide could be the same. :)

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One plus for Adelaide is that it’s the same name as Adelheid—nickname: Heidi.

This is Evangeline to me.

And yes, there is Babar and Celeste. But the first Celeste I knew of was Celeste Holm, of Oklahoma! fame.

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Adelaide, hands down.

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Another for Adelaide, IMO the others don’t even make it out of the gate. I like the old-fashioned names, I’m delighted that Emma has made a comeback, and I’d love to see more Marys out there…

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Maggie is the name of a song. Remember?

Rod Stewart and Maggie May?

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I like the names Jill and Candace for a girl.

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I don’t really like any if I’m honest but Evangeline would be my first choice and Celeste would be my last. I like Jemma, Danielle and Kerry for girls.

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Celeste, to me, sounds like an old woman’s name – don’t hate me.

Adelaide just reminds me of the city in Australia, which is hard to get past mentally and;

Evangeline will always be shortened, so what’s the point of having such a long name?

Okay, negativity out of the way…I would choose Evangeline out of the three.

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Adelaide then Evangeline

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My girlfriend’s name is Evangelina.
She is the bearer of good news.

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Adelaide is the only contender for me. And for the exact reason you mentioned. In the hands of another person, it could sound old-fashioned and stuffy. But I’m sure your kid will be none of that. I can totally imagine your kid rockin’ that name.

Evangeline is a little too pretty for my taste. That makes it kind of yawn. Something a girl in junior high would wish her parents had named her.
Except for rebbel’s girlfriend who wields black belt tickle skills.

I can’t give you a real opinion of Celeste, since I’m totally biased. I’ve probably met a half dozen of them my entire life and they were all annoying.

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Remember that in many, many circumstances people will meet the name before they see the person. School class lists and job resumes are two of those places; and a prospective teacher’s or employer’s view of you is pretty important.

Names convey impressions. An aware person will realize (a) that a name represents the parents’ choice and not the individual’s and (b) that a name is just a name, an arbitrary label. But many people are influenced unconsciously by the impressions that names create, attributing traits to the person before they ever meet them.

I have read studies showing that people form strong associations with names, some positive and some negative, and those associations shape expectations. How can others’ expectations not influence people? Even if you don’t believe in the many forms of name magic, if your first-grade teacher unconsciously expects you to be dull or clever, agreeable or troublesome, boorish or charming, isn’t that likely to affect you?

What if your parent gives you a glamorous or sexy name and you can’t live up to it, so it seems to mock you? What if your parent gives you a horrible name and you can’t live it down? What if your parent gives you a cute little baby name, forgetting that you are going to spend most of your life as an adult? How hard do you have to work to sound professional when people don’t take you seriously because your name sounds like a nickname for a three-year-old?

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Jeruba brings up a good point—BUT! It’s not just the name, but who is hearing it. Meaning it matters where you guys are.

An Adelaide in New York is different than an Adelaide in Oklahoma.

An Evangeline in church is different than an Evangeline in the skate park.

Different people in different places have different preconceived notions.

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True. Still, I think you’ll agree that Veronica and Bertha create different advance impressions. Naming your son Francis Michael says one thing, and naming him Liberty Starshine says another.

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Liberty Starshine.

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Adelaide here too. You can always use one of the other names as a middle name.
I knew a Celeste and everyone called her “Lettie”, Adelaide might be shortend to “Addie”, which isn’t bad, but I don’t care for Eve, although Evie is kinda cute.

I also like Ava…but, that’s not on your list. lol

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