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What do you think of the Federal plan to spray the Bay area?

Asked by b (1873points) May 20th, 2008

The federal government is planning on spraying most of the Bay area with a synthetic pheromone compound to attempt to eradicate the apple moth. Some people say the spray is fine (govt, chem company) while many people claim it is harmful (activists, etc). What are your thoughts?

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I think they should just spray. If they say its ok, its ok. All these hippies are opposing it. I think if you have a fear of becoming sick, the state should have like a contract stating they will pay for your healthcare, ONLY if it is proven the spraying caused you to get sick.

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people just want to complain… Spray on!

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A pheromone should be ok for people. . They are all over the place anyway. I would imagine it is possible it would have a detrimental effect on other moth species or other insects in general.

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Our government and mega-corporations have done so much to prove their good intentions over the years. Of course we should take their word for it. Right? Right?

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Actually, it is more than just a pheromone. The coumpund contains many ingredients that include irritants and carcinogens. It was reported tha 640 people became ill after the first spray in Santa Cruz last September, after which spraying was temporarily halted. The main issue is they are spraying an untested pesticide that was designed to be used in unpopulated agricultural areas. They want to spray this compound on the entire cities.
Are any of you in the Bay area?

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