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Do you know thyself?

Asked by IzzyAndHerBeans (357points) January 26th, 2012

With the continuous flow of information being brought to our fingertips, we sometimes forget to stop putting our images outward and focus in on our inward selves. Do you truly know yourself? Do you feel the need to escape to a so-called paradise just so you can tap back into your inner thoughts? I find this idea to be interesting because when I wrote my college essays, I talked about how I wouldn’t want to travel to one particular place to learn about myself. I said I’d rather learn from the inside out – learn the innards of myself before understanding the outward vibes I gave off.

Do you wish you knew yourself better? Why aren’t you making changes in your life so that you get back in touch with your inner feelings? Maybe that’s not the goal you’re after.

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I’m pretty happy with how well I know myself. I spend a fair amount of time thinking about it. That being said, I like to keep a balance between navel gazing and getting stuff done.

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^^Where do chocolate chip cookies fall on your scale?

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I know myself very well, of course there are situations, experiences I have not had, but, I know my strengths, my frailties, my temptations, and while hardly perfect, I can say that I operate out of my conscious awareness about 85% of the time these days and character and integrity are everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in life. ;-)

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Everyone needs to tackle this adventure for him- or herself, but go deeply enough and some surprises are guaranteed to emerge.

Turns out that it’s not a matter of “knowing”. You and I are a mystery within a mystery within a mystery. We can dress that mystery up and call it by different names, but if you ever think you know it, it’s lost. Knowing is a kind of distance, and you can’t be separate from what you are.

And it’s not a matter of “inner” and “outer”, either. As long as you think that the true “you” is in here and not out there, it’s lost again. You are not a little someone in your head, looking out through your senses at a world of things. Nothing can contain you.

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I know myself pretty well.

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@thorninmud: We can dress that mystery up and call it by different names, So what do you call a monk dressed in a robe with pockets for chocolate?

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I’ve Googled myself and there’s not much to report. I know myself pretty well and though there are some things I’d change; I’m a pretty decent person who especially likes his grandchildren.

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Inside and out. From the filthy depths to the lofty spires I pride myself on being 110% self aware.

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@gailcalled: Right at the fulcrum, my dear. Right at the fulcrum.

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More and more

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I know who I am, and generally I’m okay with me. I’m at peace with myself. Now, if I could just change the world . . .

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If I don’t know myself by now, I may as well just quit trying. : )

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I have often thought myself 100% known.
Then I wake up and the next day and find myself a little different. Yet with every change in my ego I find experience has me more adept with acknowledging the changing me.

I now realize that as soon as you are adamant that you know yourself 100% thats when you are wrong.
(unless you have reached some kind of elusive ethereal nirvana)

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