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What were some common Chicano culture stereotypes that existed during this time frame? What were Mexican-Americans “doing” during this time?

Asked by likipie (1454points) January 26th, 2012

Time frame: late 1960’s to early 1970’s
Place: United States, more specifically Chicago

(working, political involvements, etc)

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Maybe :D c’mon. You know you want to help me… Please?

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Total guess, but probably a lot of them were working in factories. Many Mexicans moved north to MI and Chicago to work in factories that either made parts for cars or made cars. They also were in large numbers in border states like AZ, Cali, and TX. They worked farms like they do now. But, of course Mexicans worked in every field and industry, just like they do now. Doctors, Lawyers, everything.

Common stereotypes I am not sure of back then. In the movies and TV they were often portrayed as happy go lucky laid back type of people.

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I can’t speak specifically for Chicago, but the Chicano Moratorium was in full swing about that time. Lots of Chicano activists protesting for civil rights issues, especially the disproportional number of drafting and deaths of Chicano soldiers in the Vietnam war compared to whites.

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@likipie You’ll need to do the research on your own.

Knowing the largest population of Chicanos were in the south, and Jim Crow laws were still in place, you’ll get most of what you need from searching segregation issues.

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Thank you guys. You all helped a lot! I really appreciate it.

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I honestly thought the question said, “Chicagoan.”

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@SpatzieLover The largest was in the south? Because of Texas? What other southern states?

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