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Can anyone direct me to a kindle publication that is truly beautiful?

Asked by anartist (14774points) January 26th, 2012

I am a designer, and am sickeningly frustrated.

Changing the font size—well that’s an aid to readability, not beauty.

Can anyone show me a beautiful kindle pub? I would just like to see just one so i know what to shoot for.

Print publications can be beautiful, and here’s how:
relationship of text to white space, variable width columns, attention grabbing pull-outs to the side, pictures sized and placed PRECISELY, even with text tightly wrapped around the image or part of the image, Initial drop caps, hand drawn font for initial caps, UNLIMITED FONTS, limitless ways to make typographic and design art an intrinsic part of the book experience.

Granted, kindle publication is in its infancy, but kindle pubs seems to be a throwback to the most primitive and ugly web, a wall of text probably not in the font of your choice, with photographs badly placed, only possible variants beyond bold and italic are ugly colored text backgrounds and/or borders [which don’t have enough space around the text], horizontal rules, headline 1, 2 and 3 and other similar dismally dull html choices.

And, oh yes, cover art. Which is totally separate from the book anyway.

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I find some of the iPad publications truly beautiful but haven’t seen much of anything attractive on the black and white Kindle. Don’t know how specifically Kindle-esque you are looking for.

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I’m trying to convert my friend’s book [which i designed] to kindle so she can market it on Amazon. That’s pretty kindle-ish.
Original book shown here:

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OK – wouldn’t Kindle Fire be different from straight Kindle since it has color?

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If that’s its only difference, it wouldn’t matter all that much. And the book would be purchasable by those who have Kindles and those who have Kindle-fires. Because the product is device-dependent the fact that one is a little nicer than another doesn’t matter much.


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@janbb I just looked at a kindle Fire demo and saw magazine and children’s book pages that looked a little better although they looked good because they were full page images with very little text very simply applied [like centered over a full screen image.

It does give me a new avenue to explore.

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Good luck!

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Kindle text is quite readable but not beautiful. You can change the font size but this can result in annoying white rivers running down the page. Photographs are a bit washed out looking but line drawings look OK to me. Kindle is a long way from being as artistic as print can be.

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@flutherother as I am finding out on some kindle forums—which are very prickly btw
see following:
although one user, kribu, 2nd page of the discussion, suggested that it can be made to do more.
Are you a designer?

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@anartist No, I’m just a reader. Sometimes I use my Kindle and other times I prefer reading a printed book. They are different and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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