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The warmest winter in Ohio, isn't this a bad thing?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) January 28th, 2012

All my life I remember January being so cold with lots of ice, snow, etc. This year it’s been so warm! Usually it’ll be 20 or below right now but lately it’s been mostly in the 40’s and it feels like Autumn. Everyone talks about how great the weather is feeling, how wonderful it is, but I can’t help but feel like it’s WRONG and abnormal.

Winter isn’t supposed to feel this way. Winter isn’t my favorite season but I think that it means something wrong when it’s this warm. I can’t even go snowboarding this season..I doubt the snow will come. Don’t people realize how much this affects us or our future grandchildren? Sigh

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You could always move to Minnesota. I’m originally from Central Ohio and winters here in MN remind me of winters in Ohio back in the 1970s.

Plenty of winter activities here..although this year we do have less snow than usual and it’s causing the cancellation of some traditional outdoor events that require lots of snow.

Just remember – this year is a La Nina weather pattern and that’s why we’re seeing some unusually warm temperatures and drought conditions. It’s a normal weather pattern – do a bit of Googling about La Nina to see some good scientific explanations about the weather pattern we’re in this year.
Here’s a link to start you off..

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We’re in the range of Maximum Year. Nothing to fret. Here is some quick Astro Data

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No, I dislike winter lol. It’s not an issue that I have not done winter activities but more so that this seems so abnormal to me…and everyone else isn’t phased.
Auhsoja, thanks for the link. Interesting.

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You might be interested in this. A list of warmest January’s in Ohio. I don’t think the link includes this year though. The average temps are low 40’s for the month.

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It’s one of the warmest and driest years in Northern California too.
Yes it is bad. The earth needs water, and where I live drought ups our danger of forest/wildfires by leaps and bounds over the already high risk zone I live in.
Thousands upon thousands of thickly timbered acres and dry grass.
Drought effects everything from wildfire risk to not enough water in our rivers, lakes and reseviors, also impacts wildlife populations.

Not enough green grass and plant life to sustain herbivore species, including small rodents like Voles, gophers and other small prey animals.
Also insects whose low populations in turn effect birds and other insect eating creatures.
Yep, the “trickle” down effect of drought is highly impactive in a multitude of ways.

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That’s kind of a relief to know that it’s somewhat normal because of LaNina

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@chelle21689 Dang I remember back in like 97 or 98 I can’t remember clearly… as a child growing up in San Diego and learning to be conscious of my surroundings and then we had La Nino! I thought rainy seasons like that were just how I learned it in elementary. You know.. winter time is rainy time, spring flowers, autumn orange etc… But now I’m older I realized it was a special time and haven’t seen that much storm since. I miss the mildly flooded streets.

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I should have summarized my answer by saying warm years have happened several times back to the 1800’s (I am sure they go even further back, but they probably were not recording temps). 1880 the average temp was 48 in Cincinnati!

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When the weather is too warm in the winter, you can expect dangerous storms.

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It’s the warmest winter in Maryland too.

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We had a thundersnow this morning east of Columbus.That was pretty neat.

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Yes, oddly enough the extremely pleasant weather has several bad consequences.

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Global warming is good for Ohio. Maybe bad for other places, but good for Ohio. The rhythms of nature…

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Weather fluctuations are a part of nature. Sure, we contribute to it nowaday but most likely it’d still be warm if we weren’t all shitting on the Earth and clouding up the ozone.

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Don’t draw any conclusions from one winter. Let professional climatologists do the proper analyses.

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One winter in Phoenix, AZ (1995) it never got cold enough to kill the mold spores in the grass. In spring, nearly half the city came down with infections. My ears still whistle all the time because of that. So don’t tell me “Don’t draw any conclusions from one winter.”

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