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Are Training Type of Swim Fins Good for Snorkeling?

Asked by WhiteWingDove (388points) January 29th, 2012

We love to snorkel on vacation. When going to Hawaii we bring our snorkel and mask with us, and usually rent fins on island. Went to Aruba and it was kind of a hassle to rent fins for longer than day use. Now I’m thinking about buying training swim fins, figuring since they are shorter they wouldn’t take up that much room in a suitcase. When I read the descriptions online, it talks about improving proper kick, and conditioning.
I’m wondering if they propel as well as traditional fins? When we snorkel, we stay out for a long time and go as far as we can. Hopefully training style fins would be as effective?

My other goal is to not have checked luggage too.

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Probably good enough. Maybe an experienced diver would know the difference but it’s a trade off. Less hassles for maybe 20% less performance. It’s your decision.

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I’m a certified diver, and I prefer scuba fins for snorkeling as well. They’re available in shorter lengths than snorkeling fins and are designed to be far more efficient and long lasting than training fins.
From left to right: Cressi Gara 3000 LD, Cressi Pro Star, US Divers Proflex, and Aqualung Proflex II:

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Training fins are not only shorter but much stiffer than any snorkeling fins I have ever used. So you don’t get nearly as much propulsion out of your kick with a trainer as you would with a snorkel.

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