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Maybe we shouldnt eat in OK. What the fluther????
aborted fetuses in food???
I wonder how most of our lawmakers got into office and how they can hold it??

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I know what you mean. Hell, you fry up an aborted fetus for dinner just one time and look what happens!

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What? You never heard of baby back ribs?

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Food in Oklahoma? hell, after reading that I’d be more worried about what’s in the water in Oklahoma to have them talking about that!

OK, @thorninmud , you win… ;-)

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You should eat in the dining room. Although the kitchen may be all right if there’s enough room. And a table.

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When I visited Oklahoma, we sat at a table in a restaurant. The native americans may still eat in teepees for all I know.

I’ll be many Oklahomans eat on their couches while watching TV.

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Depravity knows no bounds. :-/

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Where should you eat in Oklahoma? Texas.

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I cannot believe the stupidity or evilness that is rampant in America.

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@elbanditoroso The Oklahoma Indians never did live in Tipi’s, but some tribes further north did. This picture shows the type of dwellings the Choctaw had when they still lived in their native land.

By the time they had been forceably removed to Oklahoma, they lived in the same kind of wooden houses everyone else did.

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WTF?! How does this guy continue to hold a seat after proposing something as ludicrous as this?

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