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Thank you notes for a job interview- How late is too late?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14671points) January 29th, 2012

A friend of mine had a job interview on the 19th.

We started discussing thank you cards, and the person realized they had forgotten to send them to the interviewers.

Is it too late to do something to recover? I suggested store bought cards tomorrow to the office. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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Why is this done in the first place? I would say never send one, because there are others who may not. The HR people have the job of comapring the qualifcations of potential employees without adding the card or the absence of a card to it.

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Well assuming the interview was within the state if they mail it out tomorrow they should receive it within 2–3 days. I would do it. At this point in our society, ones best foot forward should be the minimum requirement.

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I almost always grant a second interview to someone who sends a thank you card. If you are not sure if the job has ben filled then it won’t hurt. Even if it is filled, you might be remembered for the next opening.

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It just really seems like so much game playing. This person was a great interview, but, didn’t send a suck up thank you card so we won’t call them back.

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@chyna , I RARELY get thank you notes, but a mediocre interview WILL get a second call because I think, “This person has it together enough to send a thank-you note, maybe I missed something.” Since I’m not accustomed to getting thank-you notes, the great interviews always get called back.

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@Judi That puts it in a different perspective.

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@chyna I used to think like that. But some people are genuine about an opportunity. Such is the case, I would love to have any job at the moment in my current situation. And I’m definitely going send a thank you letter should I even be granted an interview. Now, if I was trying out for the Viking army to fight amongst the thresholds of the raging sea! Then I would think of a thank you letter upon interviewing with a Viking Master to be a suck up thing to do.

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Or they could be saying “Let me see how I can get an undeserved edge over the other person who is close in qualification to me?.” The ones who send card are playig the HR people whether they are conditioned to do that kind of thing , i.e, whether they seem confused about the difference between social situations and professional situations or not.

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No, he can still send them. they may not have decided yet. if in the text he can remind them of something that happened or that he said in his interview that would be good.

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I took thank you notes as a negative, indicating that someone was stuck in a much different decade.

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A Bribe is too obvious, so someone came up with a card idea. I wonder when this started?

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I think they are a good idea right after an interview but I think it is a little late to send one now. Seems like a haphazard afterthought.

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If they really need you it doesn’t matter what you do.

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