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What do you think about Darien Lake Theme Park?

Asked by afghanhound (150points) January 31st, 2012

If you’ve ever visited Darien Lake Theme Park, or if you’ve even heard of it, what are the first three things that come to mind when you think of it? Would you ever visit again? Why or why not?

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Looks beautiful and near the lake, so that’s always cool. I like the lights reflecting off the coasters at night. Never heard of it until now.

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1. Superman
2. Predator
3. Mind Eraser

I live about 45 minutes from it, so I’ve gone multiple times. It’s alright for a smaller theme park. The only thing that really irks me about it is it seems like Grizzly Run is always broken. I really like the water park, even if it is always packed once it’s hot.

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It’s fun. Good roller coasters.

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Used to go there all the time, even before Six Flags bought it. The Superman is the best!

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