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If not Disney World, Disney Land or Universal Studios, then where should we go?

Asked by TLRobinson (2370points) March 3rd, 2010

I’m wanting to plan a trip for me and my two kids; both girls. One loves to shop, the other hates it. One loves to ride, rides; the other hates it. Both think they can swim and love the water and water sports and rides. The ages are 10 and 13. I need to book something soon. Please offer suggestions that are within the United States, they do not have passports. We’ve been to the Disney and Universal franchises enough (their viewpoint, not mine)

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Are you going to orlando? go to sea world, There’s nice shopping and several rides, It’s just a nice relaxed place to walk, have fun, eat, watch shows, That whale attack last week was a little disturbing but other then that its a great place (:

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Have you thought of Las Vegas? It has everything that you are looking for. Shopping, rides and Lake Mead.

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Dude ranch

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Dollywood in tennessee is pretty amazing. Its kind of dumb sounding, but we went there (my family and I) 8 kids, 2 adults and we all had a great time.

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@starshine That’s funny. I was going to suggest Gatlinburg. :)

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@jonsblond I agree, Gatlinberg is amazing in the winter, Just the drive up the mountain to get to Gatlinberg is awesome.

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I live in Tennessee and never thought to vacation in Gatlinburg. Is it kid friendly?

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@TLRobinson Definitely. Especially that age. There is a Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum that is a lot of fun and many places to shop at. Whitewater rafting is also nearby.

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@TLRobinson , for sure. The age range when we went was 3 month old to 16 year old, and like I said, everyone had a good time, so I think it might be worth your while. like @jonsblond said, the Ripley’s museum and aquarium are really awesome, too.

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@jonsblond- I didnt know all of that! I think that’s a great idea! Thank you! Keep them coming.

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@starshine- Thank you as well.

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Try Yellow Stone national park. Sometime nature can beat artificial entertainment(if your kids love the nature). At the same the they can get some knowledge about nature and it won’t be expensive.

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Anyone ever been to Myrtle Beach? Thoughts?

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The O- Town Boyband Memorial.

Sea World. Pack your killer whale repellant.

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Where do you live? Road trip!

It’s the journey not the destination. Haven’t you heard?

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What about one or more of our National Parks? They offer a wide variety of things to do.

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What about Williamsburg, VA? You’ve got Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water park), Water Country USA (outdoor water park), Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Rides, good food and shows), Prime Outlets for shopping, Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestowne Settlement for history, and you can daytrip to other locations, like Virginia Beach to get the ocean fix or DC for the National Zoo and other Smithsonian locations.

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Bush Gardens in Tampa is pretty cool. Lots of rides and amazing animal interaction.
How about a caribean cruise? lots of water sports there.

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I was thinking a cruise maybe also. You can get last minute cruise prices that are very good. You could do a four day cruise, and have a couple of days before and after, so you are not rushed to get from the plane to the ship, etc. can tell you last minute deals on cruises, or go to the cruise websites directly. While in FL, if you cruise from FL, Boca Raton has a great mall, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Neiman’s, Nordstroms, and Sacks for anchor stores. Smaller stores are all of the typical chains and a two story Crate and Barrell, Tiffany’s, Armani Exhange, and more. Beaches nearby are nice, great food. Mega movieplex with special exclusive seating and restaurant inside. Not too far north there is a huge waterpark. I can give you a lot of details about south FL if the idea is appealing to you.

Also, in the Atlantis in th Bahama’s is supposed to be fantastic, but expensive. It has water slides, gambling, beach, etc. I have no idea about the shopping. And, I am not sure about passport requirements. The USVI migt be an option if paasports are a problem.

Ugh, I just realized the cruises could be a problem also with the lack of passports. How can you not have a passport? I think there are cruises that got up the coast. Like Jacksonville up to Savanna and Charleston?? Not sure.

Depending on when you are planning on going I would not go to Vegas if it will still be cool weather.

Gatlinburg could be a nice change, but if it is March could still have cold weather. Nearby you can do white water rafting and horse back riding, that sort of thing.

San Antonio is kind of nice for a couple of days, the riverwalk, good Mexican food, and then you could drive over to Houston and Galveston. Houston Galleria has everything it is huge. I have no been to Galveston, but at least you can get some beach time. But, if you are accustomed to Florida beaches it might be dissapointing from what I understand.

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An Alaska Cruise could be fun too, do you need a passport? I ‘ll bet they probably stop in Canada.

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@Judi and @JLeslie and @suncatnin and @marinelife and @lilikoi and @Doctor_D ; Thank you all so much!

@JLeslie- I have a passport, the girls dont.

Would anyone know how long it takes to obtain one?

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@TLRobinson “During busier times, such as the summer travel season, we encourage customers to expedite their applications if traveling in less than 10 weeks.” Source

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Here is another greatly overlooked Orlando park. Cypress Gardens. It’s got a really nice old fashioned small town feel to it. The rides are what you’d typically find in a carnival for the most part, with a few exceptions. This place may seem cheesy to people who are expecting something more polished, but it has a really family friendly atmosphere.

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@TLRobinson “how can you not have a passport?” was not directed at you personally, but everyone who doesn’t. The third person you. Get them passports, so you can have more options next time. I think they would love Cancun and Xcaret, the carribean, etc.

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Buy computers with the vacation money and play online games together.

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Yosemite. Big Sur. Hearst’s Castle.
Central California is a must for kids this age.

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Good museums.

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Disneyland is in California, Disney World is in Florida, so you have the entire country open. That is what we call a very broad question: three thousand smiles wide.


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