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Only eleven months to go... * : What would you recommend your fellow Jellies they'd have to experience?

Asked by rebbel (25206points) January 31st, 2012

* Referring to the end of days in December, this year :-)

What are books, places, music pieces, pastimes, art, etc., that you think should be experienced by anyone on Earth (because they are life altering/moving/simply beautiful)?
Would you like to recommend one of those to your fellow Jellies?
Keep in mind that we only have eleven months (not even eleven anymore…) to experience those gems.

My recommendation: Misa Criolla by Mercedes Sosa!

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Prepare yourself to play pranks on people by arranging clothes on the ground to make it seem as if you have been raptured. Make sure you publicly announce to the victims to be an atheist and commit outrageous acts of blasphemy.

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Anybody in or around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania should make their way to nearby Irwin, PA and get a pizza at Vincents Pizza Park on route 30. Please. For the love of god.

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@deni I assume they don’t deliver :-) ?

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@rebbel I love Missa Criolla. It’s great to sing and listen to!

Travel to a place where people still live a very primitive life. I’m talking about no running water, no electricity, dirt floors and few outside resources. My experience like that was the island of Roti, one of the islands east of Bali, but there are others in the world. It reduces the value of life to its basic necessities and your whole perspective changes. Makes you feel very grateful.

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Have a baby, bubbeleh, and get cracking on it!

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Read this book for free on Gutenberg.

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@deni Irwin is like 45 minutes from Pittsburgh! But I bookmarked it; I’ll stop by next time I pass through, in a few months. Thanks for the tip!

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Ride in a hot air balloon.

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Getting drunK in publiK. Ron White says it’s fabulous.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Been there, done that, somehow avoided legal repercussions :p

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Ride a horse bareback.
Ride in a plane.
Ride in a helicopter.
Ride in a train.
Fish with a stick and some found twine & hooks. Catch your own bait.
Get an old log and go floating around with it in a lake.
Climb a rock face and look out over a valley as the sun sets.
Build a bonfire on a beach.
Climb a tree and built a fort in the branches.
Eat a garden tomato.
Eat a peach directly from a tree.
Watch the sky all night from a rooftop, lay a blanket down.
Slide down a snowy bank on a piece of cardboard.
Swing across a river on a rope swing.
Fall in the kind of love where you sing to each other whether or not you can carry a tune.

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I’m with @janbb , but I’m all sex, and no baby!!!!

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Take a walk in the woods.
Climb a tree.
Swim in warm waters.
Take a nap in a hammock.
Eat a lobster, with butter.
Fall madly in love.

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Get lessons on that instrument you always wanted to learn… ;-)

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Visit a country where they don’t speak the language you speak.

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