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How do you reverse the order in an email conversation?

Asked by flo (13313points) January 31st, 2012

When people send the email conversations (minus all the identifying but non relevant features) how do they do it?
This is esp. for long long exchanges.

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Well what email provider are you using?

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I’m not really sure what you’re asking when you say “reverse the order”.

Normally, you just hit reply and if using Gmail, it keeps them all together in stacked form in one “conversation”

However, if you hit reply but change the subject line, that breaks that conversation group and begins a different one.

Same thing if you hit compose instead of reply that also starts a new chain and then also reversesv the order because you would then be the sender to whom the rest of the replies are sent. Is that what you mean?

Are you trying to prevent overly lengthy chains and break up into more manageable smaller groupings or what?

But that’s Gmail methods. Other email programs may handle things differently.

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It sounds to me as if you’re talking about mail “forwarding”. I presume that your email client includes a simple way to forward. Try clicking on that with a message that you don’t care about much (so it won’t matter if you accidentally forward it to someone you wouldn’t want to see a personal email) and see if that does what you expect.

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Thanks all. To edit it a bit: ”...the order of an email conversation”. Usually when you click on the latest email from the same sender same thread, there is the last email right there which makes sense.
How do I make it show the exchange starting from the earliest email just for the purpose of having this long dialogue printed out which is a few pages worth. If there is no way of doing that, we just have to read starting from the last page, and from the bottom of each page of the printouts, but it is preferable to just start reading from the top of each page and starting from page one. Which one has this ability? Gmail, Yahoo or other?

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That sounds like more of a printer issue.

Don’t most printers have associated software offering various parameter guidelines whereby the basic instruction would be to the effect of only printing first occurrence of each original email and leave out the rest?

But I’m not that conversant with printers so maybe someone with more expertise can chime in here.

I was just sort of thinking out loud. But my hunch is that’s it’s not primarily an email issue but rather a sync with the printer.

I just had another thought. Doesn’t this issue come up rather frequently for law office paralegals and other office staff where presenting a printed record of an email exchange would be necessary for court.

Perhaps a call to a law office and speaking to whichever office person typically handles those duties could put you on the right track?

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@Buttonstc the lawyer’s office part maybe something to consider. (Edit to remove: Teachers…)
I am thinking don’t I have to get everything straight before I get to the printing stage? And I have never come across a printer that gave me the option of starting from the bottom of the page or top. But then I don’t use that many printers. They give me the option of choosing the the pages I want.

Where have I seen “Earliest” and then to get back “Latest” tabs is it on top of a list of questions or on top of Inbox page? Anyway I don’t see them now. I can’t imagine going one page at a time if I want make a screenshot of it or print it.

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Well, all I know is that common sense tells me that with copies of email exchanges and texting records increasingly becoming a necessity in legal proceedings, there must be an efficient way to do it instead of unnecessary reams of multiply repeated emails.

Hence my suggestion of legal secretary advice since they’re the ones doing the grunt work for the lawyers before the case.

I’m not really a techy person. I’m just assuming it’s software related whether actually in the printer or along with it giving it direction. That’s my best guess on it.

You just need to have a conversation with someone (anyone) who has actually needed to do this. I have no idea if a printer salesman could be helpful. But unless he sees you as being in the market for a printer…....

Happy hunting.

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@Buttonstc your advice about legal office is excellent. There are probably other parties that need to do it too I ‘m guessing. A Printer salesman would be helpful too, yes. I am off hunting.

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