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Do you have any interesting videos about animals in the wild?

Asked by Berserker (33454points) January 31st, 2012

In this question, a user posted a video showing a bison sacrificing one of its own in order to secure the safety of its herd from an attacking pack of wolves. Or at least, as I understand from the video.
I don’t know much about animals, so I thought this very peculiar. I didn’t know bisons did stuff like that, and now I’m wondering if anyone has any videos about animals in the wild doing weird stuff. Feeding habits, hunting, defense, grooming, fighting for mates, building their homes, anything else… whatever you got. It would be interesting to learn more about the ways of animals. And it can be any animal from anywhere. I would prefer wild animals, but pets are fine, too. Insects also count.
I’m looking on my own on YouTube and finding cool stuff, but I figured I’d ask Fluther, too.

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The more I watch videos on animals, the more I realize we humans really are animals.

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We are animals…
I don’t have a video at the moment, but if I find one, I’ll post it here.

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Lots of videos of dingos but I am not sure if you would classify this as weird, seems pretty natural to me. I could send you some videos of my dingo acting weird if you like!

This is also very interesting information on dingos. I find it appalling that this country protects bats and snakes but has bounty on the heads of dingos.

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This one always gets me, not quite what you had in mind maybe, but…see for yourself. :-)
Christian the lion reunited with his old owners.

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@XOIIO Ha, I saw that documentary yeeeeaaaars ago. Some guy just talks over it. (pretty sure it was the same as this anyway) But yeah, BADASS. It gets poisoned, passes out and then just gets back up, not giving a fuck. The documentary I saw, at that part though, said that while it can survive cobra venom, the badger is taking a great risk in doing so. Still, awesome.

@Michael_Huntington Post something fucked up humans do then. XD

@rooeytoo Still checking out the second video, so maybe it explains; but what do people have against Dingos? Cute dogs though lol. :) And you own a dingo? Really? How did that happen?

@zenvelo Holy crap…those buffalo just won’t be told…talk about a day in the life lol. Very interesting. And that gator just randomly pops up, he’s all like, hey man, share the wealth lol.

@Coloma Erm, can’t get your video to work. :/

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Sorry I’m too old. Otherwise there would have been some awesome clips of me back in the day…when I was all animally…and shit.

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The Michael Jackson bird.

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@Coloma beat me to it. I love that video and was getting ready to look for it and post it.
The video is working for me.
As an aside, I saw these guys recently, and they are old! In their 60’s.

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@wildpotato OMG!! That is the cutest bird I’ve ever seen lmao! Love the vid, thanks. Man that’s messed up lol. :)

@Coloma Oh there we go, I got it working. And wow…what’s the story behind this? That’s really sweet, but a bit odd, too. I guess thye owned that cub before? Haha it was all happy. :D

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You can google the story of ” Christian the lion”. He was a cub purchased in London in 1969 by two guys. When he became too large to keep he was turned over to George Adamson who rehabbed lions in Africa and was released into the wild as head of his own pride and lived wild.
A year later he was reunited with his owners, of whom he remembered. He greeted them with his customary “hugs.” There was one other reunion several years later and then he was never seen again.

Sweet story. :-)

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@Symbeline – yeah dingos are fair game because the squatters, graziers and station owners rule. A lot of them are the old timers and control a lot of land and money so the pollies listen to what they say. Bats carry the hendra virus. Originally only deadly to horses but now horses are passing it to people who work with them and the first case of a dog contracting the disease just late last year. There is no cure, people are dying. Bat colonies are horrible, thousands of them kill the trees, and the smell and mess of their waste is just awful. But no one is allowed to do anything to move them because they are a protected species. Thank you greens!

I have a dingo (not pure but her grandmother was as much as any) because I lived in the Northern Territory for 6 years. I took care of a lot of dogs for the aboriginal people and I fell in love with this one. So I made a deal with the old man who owned her momma and granny. She is the smartest, most cunning, gorgeous to look at and annoying creature I have ever owned, I love her! My current avatar is of her peeking through the screen over the door. I have seen the pure dingos on Fraser Island and she looks very much like them but a bit heavier in body, I think she had some cattle dog mixed in. She is very akita like as well and Australia and Asia were once linked together so she probably has the same ancestors as the akitas. I had an akita while I lived up north and the aboriginal kids always called him the fat dingo.

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Besides the Bad ass Honey badger?
aww, @XOIIO got to him first!

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I never thought much about turkeys beyond the dinner table until I saw this PBS program.

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I think this one’s amzing: a wild leopard kills an adult baboon, then adopts the orphaned baby.

Also the Newbury Horses which came to try to protect some trees that were being felled to make way for a new road.

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@ratboy I just saw that recently and was completely enthralled.

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@rooeytoo Ha cute dog. so you have videos of her doing stuff?

Also that’s creepy about those bats. Ugh. Not that I’d want em all killed, but I can’t believe nothing gets done about the disease they spread…but do wild dingos cause any trouble at all? I’m guessing they don’t attack people, unless you piss em off, and they prolly live too far away from people to attack garbage cans or people’s pets. As I understand, a large portion of Australia isn’t even inhabited by people. I mean we got coyotes and wolves over here, but I ain’t never fuckin seen one…:/

@downtide Wow…how bizarre indeed. I wonder how far that would have went if the baboon survived the cold. Probably for the better that it died like that, I can’t possibly see how a leopard and a baboon could coexist together…
And the horse video…wow what the hell? This really happened? Horses popping out of nowhere like that? Man the world is filled with weird shit. Ha, maybe they weren’t horses at all, but spirits of nature…sorry. The whole presentation and music of that video kinda got to me. XD

@ratboy Eh, the video isn’t allowed in my region to some rights issue…dammit. Was this a whole program, too?

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@Symbeline if the baby babboon had survived the cold it surely would have starved in a day or two, as the leopard wouldn’t have been able to feed it. And yes the horses are real, I remember this footage on the news when it actually happened. There was a stand-off (for days, if not weeks) between workers and environmental protesters, hence all the police being present. I love the interaction between the “wild” horse and the police horse.

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