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What destiny will the Kitty have?

Asked by NOharmNOfoul (256points) May 21st, 2008

Here it is, my neighbor moved out and left behind his Cat. Its been a few months now and the poor guy is just laying out there with no roof and care. Some neighbors and I feed him but lately I have found it has been left for me to do this. He isn’t looking real sharp, in the last couple of weeks he got banged up and barley lifts his head up. I would love for him to find a good home but just the thought of calling the Humane Society and them not being able to find a place….. would they send him to kitty heaven?? its a catch 22 at this point if he stays around he has no care if he goes then what? Suggestions are much appreciated please.

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Well animals are usually kept at shelters until more come in or after a certain amount of time. At the SPCA here I was told that most animals stay for around a week before they’re euthanized. If I were in your position I’d have already taken in the cat but that’s not always the best thing to do. You could take it in temporarily and look after it and try to find a home for it.

There are also societies that keep animals in a type of foster care where they rotate the animals among volunteers’ houses at regular intervals. It keeps the animals out of the shelters and alive longer in loving homes. Perhaps if you phone the humane society they can give you some info on these organizations.

Finally, if you ever see your old neighbour again, feel free to kick him in the nuts for me.

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paulc, I really like the foster care idea, I’ll research if there are any volunteer homes in the area. I see your point on the shelters but the thought of him getting euthanized just bothers me. After all it would kind of be on me because I called them (at least I feel that way you know). If I do ever see him again I will take you up on the offer. Thanks for your input.

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You did not say where you are NOharmNOfoul, but you could google no-kill shelters in your area or pet rescue organizations. For example, in the Pacific Northwest, there is PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society).

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@Marina, I am in L.A.. PAWS sounds familiar now that you mention it. Thanks I’ll check that out as well.

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paulc is right again!

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If he’s barely able to lift his head up, you’ve very possibly waited too long to act. The life of a feral cat is not a good one – if you are not interested in taking financial responsibility to have him cared for, do the humane thing and take him to the shelter.

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@syz I appreciate your input however I don’t think I should have this responsibility. I’ve bought food for him and have done my best to make sure he is at least fed. There are neugbors that are oposed to calling animal control and yet they army doing anything anymore for that animal. I just want to figure out what’s best. At this point if there sent any volunteer/foster care facilities or individuals I may just have to call the Humane Society and wish the guy the best. Thanks again.

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@syz I don’t think we ought to jump on NOharmNOFoul, who is taking an interest and trying to help the cat.

@NHNF Don’t give up. I applaud you. The cat needs you. Let’s get him off the street!

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I recommend looking for rescues that are no kill in your area. They are out there! You may have to try more than one. It is sad because there are so many unwanted cats. The rescues really have there hands full. Try calling around to some local veterinarians for advice. They may also be able to point you towars some rescues. You can even Goggle for them. Don’t give up on him yet! He does sound like he needs immeadiate care though. I commend you for wanting to help & I hope your “friend” gets the care he deserves. Good Luck!

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I think syz is right – something should be done right away. Its obvious the poor little thing isn’t doing well the way things are now. You’re obviously concerned and so you should indeed do something and soon.

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I’d add that the public animal shelter near me euthanizes when a cat becomes unwell, so if they received an unwell abandoned cat…

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I think he would be better off going to a shelter or the ASPCA. Because there he will be nursed back to health, and be cared for. Most pets will find a home. Try and find a place that does adoption fairs a lot. It will give the little guy hope of finding a home. And even if the worst happens and they put him to sleep, it sounds like a better fate then being attacked by another animal and dyeing unhappy and without any care. Good luck and I hope the little guy finds a good home. I think his owner was selfish, and should have never left his cat alone like that.

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In most areas I’ve seen statistics for, only at a “no kill” shelter does a typical cat, even healthy, have much chance of not being killed.

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@marina thanks for your understanding. You are right; I am only trying to the best for the Cat.

@andina thank you as well. I don’t mean to make it even sadder but the cat looks like the one on your avatar :(

Yeah I am definitely going to make sure this gets taken care of ASAP! I really appreciate your guy’s feedback. I will research on the best shelter sources available for him. Thanks again EVERYONE!

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