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What are your plans for Superbowl Sunday?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) February 1st, 2012

Are you having a party? Watching it alone in your living room? Going to a friend’s house? Not watching it at all? Using that time to murder unsuspecting game watchers?

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I will probably cook something, but I won’t be watching the Superbowl. I really don’t have any interest in most sports other than women’s figure skating and gymnastics. But I do love to watch Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl which is shown at the same time.

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Puppy bowl Sunday!

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Well, I plan to spend most of the day with a bunch of cub scouts working on their scientist activity pin. Then, there is that football game thing in the evening that everyone seems so excited about watching.

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The real big football game? The biggest of the season? That was last month, on the 22nd, in San Francisco.

I’ll be out riding my bicycle that day, then my kids and I will watch the commercials.

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No party. No living room. No friend. No murder.

Yet, I will be watching. But where? How? In the kitchen with Mrs. Red?

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I suppose I will watch even though I am bored at the thought of New York-New England again. I am meeting friends who are returning for Europe for dinner.

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Mainly snack and rush in for the commercials. Can’t wait for the E-Trade babies!

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@chyna My Dad tapes (yes, I said tape with a VHS tape) the Superbowl, so that we can fast forward to the commercials. LOL.

@JilltheTooth Did you watch the Puppy Bowl last year? They had the addition of hampsters as referees and kittens as cheerleaders during the halftime show. : )

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Beer. Snack tray. Buddy’s house. The standard setup.

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@Kardamom ; i always record it so I can see all the highlights! They’ve come a long way since it was simply puppies. I especially like the Bowl Cam shots…

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I borrowed a book from the library and the due date is coming close.

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Most likely going to Santa Barbara to see some friends—I’m sure there’ll be a party :)

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Gonna be cleaning up after my pets (haven’t changed them in a good while), and taking a breather from school…and some exercising. That’s pretty much gonna make my day.

I’ll probably watch the highlights, though it’ll be late at night- long after the event ended.

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I took the Sunday duty since I really couldn’t care much less about the game, and I know a lot of my cow-workers want to see it.

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@JilltheTooth I love the water bowl cam too! It’s so funny to see their chubby little tongues flatten out. And I love when the referee has to come out to clean up a “personal foul.” : )

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No idea….. shopping? Movie? Sleep? No super-bowl here.

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@Bellatrix : Maybe you can get the puppy bowl online?
There’s kitties and hamsters too…

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Good plan! The furry children would like that! They need new bowls… :D

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1.) Sleep late.

2.) Work towards solving a murder mystery involving a serial killer who preys on children (the suspects include a spoiled rich playboy and/or his father, a sleazy nightclub owner, a big mean black dude who owns an auto junkyard, a crazy retired doctor, a divorced architect who has bizarre blackouts, and maybe a mall clown).

3.) Do laundry.

4.) Kill hordes of zombies that have infested a tropical resort island.

5.) Take a walk down the street to a Chinese place to pick up some rice and french fries.

6.) Escape from the lab of a mad killer AI by using a gun that creates inter-dimensional holes in walls.

7.) Fluther.

8.) Go to bed.

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Watching NOVA if I can find it!

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@HungryGuy I’d go with the mall clown. No one suspects him.

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I’m going to get my birthday weekend – a week late. We are reserved in the hotel for Friday and Saturday, with Sunday check out, which I will request LATE, hopefully around 2. We might go to some north county wineries for some tastings.

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@chyna – That’s what I’m thinking, too. The clown had a cameo appearance at the very beginning of the game, and was never seen again. It’s gotta be the character who is the least likely suspect and everyone forgets about as the game moves along. But the spoiled rich guy just tried to snuff the private eye and his girlfriend. So maybe the rich guy is the killer and I’m getting too close?

Anyway, you know what game I’m talking about? Have you played it?
But don’t really spoil it for me if you’ve finished it, tho…

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Someone already asked this?
We were invited to our friends’ house. I really don’t want to watch the game Either way I lose. Either New England wins or NY wins. I hate both those cities’ teams. Of course, either way I win too as one of those teams has to lose.

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@HungryGuy No, I don’t know the game.

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I’m hoping the mountains will be less populated that day, which is always a good thing. It’s good when the ostentatious sporty types stay on their couches.

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I am going ice skating with my boyfriend, after church. Isn’t that sweet? He’s skipping the super bowl to go ice skating with me(: Wonder how long that’ll last… XD
Then if all goes as planned, I’m going over to his house afterwards, to watch movies, and hang out with his family.

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Better watch out, @AshLeigh. There’s only one thing I’d skip the superbowl for…. you don’t have a twin, do you?

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@wundayatta… Way to assume the worst! Haha.

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Worst, @AshLeigh? I’m thinking of doubles Scrabble. What are you thinking about?

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Oh, sure @wundayatta! Haha. Hard to play scrabble (among other things) on ice. :)

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That’s what makes it so challenging! ;-)

Ever see four people do triple Salkows at the same time while not dropping a letter?
Me neither.

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I’m so excited! We also have a snowstorm coming this weekend, so I’m double excited!!
We have a Superbowl party every year (my kids and I). We love to watch the game and can’t wait for the commercials!

No cable, so no Puppybowl : (

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@AshLeigh – Don’t assume the worst. Maybe he’s like me and he’s not into footbowl (or any other sports) at all. Of course, still check him out for other vices…like video games :-/

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