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Can frogs thaw out and live after freezing?

Asked by maryjane2012 (13points) February 1st, 2012

if a frog is frozen after they thaw out can they come back to life

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Yes, they have anti-freeze-like blood.

Welcome to Fluther. More information about freezing frogs can be found on the internet.

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Frozen solid? No.

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The wood frog can be frozen solid alive. They become rock hard during winter. They thaw out and goes back to life after winter

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@madness_expert I suggest you do some more reading on this subject

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Some amphibians can do it. Frogs definately. Hey and welcome to fluther.

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Some yes but some are not.

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If humans can freeze themselves in cryogenic labs and still live, then you’d think frogs can too?

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@tendoboy1984 It hasn’t been proven that humans can freeze themselves and still live.

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