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Just some random questions, what are your thoughts and opinions?

Asked by StrongH3art (229points) July 22nd, 2016

Hi Guys just wanted to know your thoughts and opinions on these questions.

1. Have you lost faith in Humanity?
With all the recent acts of violence around the world, some people would say yes. I have a little faith in Humanity. I feel there is still a lot of good that goes unseen.

2. Are you afraid of a possible attack where you live?
I have to admit I am a little alarmed. These attacks are happening pretty actively and in all kind of ways that is hard to stop or prevent.
I am mostly scared when I am in Church which are potential targets. I know the odds of it happening is slim to none. However I am still a little scared. I am scared of dying because of not knowing what comes after. I know am a Christian and believe in Heaven, but no one knows for sure. I am just afraid of dying young. If worst comes to worst, if i can stop something from happening to save people I love. I would probably give my life to do so. Which I know is easier said than done.

3. Have you been living life to the fullest potential so far?
At 27 yrs old, No. I missed out on so many opportunities and relationships due to my anxiety and depression. I am working on making things better. Hopefully getting a better job soon and moving out of my parents house.

4. Do you think things will ever get better? as far as peace in the world? I think things could get better, but it will be very hard and will take a long time. I know total peace is impossible. But hopefully we can come close to it.

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1. No.

But I fear things will have to get worse before they get better. I’m shocked that an act so blatant and destructive as 9/11 wasn’t enough to get (at least my nation) on board.

2. Yes.

I could be effected either directly or indirectly at any moment. I live on the wrong side of the tracks (Memorial Drive) in Decatur, Atlanta. Bumping into a pedestrian with my car could probably get me dragged out and beaten to death in the current climate.

3. Yes? No?

I struggle with health issues that prevent me from daring to bite off more than I can chew, aspirationally speaking.

4. Things will get better, though probably long after my lifetime.

Someone (I can’t remember who) stated that democracies function in cycles. Freedom and an elected government are great, but the downswing starts when the public realizes it can vote itself a living. Eventually that will cause things to get so bad that revolution will be the only cure. I believe we are in that downswing now. I do have hope for the future.

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1. Absolutely. Violence and suffering is part of humanity. No matter how much good there is, there will always be some darkness. It’s just life. There’s good out there and bad out there. Some humans are angels and do good on earth…. Some humans are mean, evil, murderous, etc. I don’t know if I’ve lost faith in humanity completely . But the world is fucked. There’s both been horrible & beautiful things since the beginning of time….. Like I said, I just think that suffering will always be a part of humanity in some way or form….... Just like there will always be people trying to do good as well.

With all the violence recently , I think there have been more horrible & atrocious things in history but because of technology / social media we get information so quickly….... That we are just so desensitized now (my personal opinion at least).

2. No I am not afraid to be attacked because where I live is nice and safe….. The people here would riot and have a voice if anything happened here….. It would be all over the news quickly (politicians live where I live).

Honestly the only thing I really worry about as a young lady is rape. But I only go out to places alone in the daytime and in public….. So I’m pretty safe which is a huge blessing I know compared to other countries.

3. Yes and No :)

I think everyone at some point or time feels they have not felt like living life to the fullest potential. Once you realize this, and you realize death is real…...... That should be a good wake up call to go out and live your dreams…..... Live your life.

Everyone has regrets. Everyone has disappoints.

27 is still really young to me. Heck, you aren’t even 30 yet !!!! There’s no time like the PRESENT :)

So if you feel you lost some time in life…...... Don’t worry just go out there and do your thing!


4. Peace in the entire world starts with peace within ourselves….. At least this is what I think. Is inner peace possible? Totally. Is it possible to live in a happy peaceful community? Yes I definitely think so….......... but if you are talking about the entire freaking planet….......... Well that’s like 7 Billion people right ? So unless 7 billion people find inner peace WITHIN themselves I doubt there will fully be peace on earth.

Again I think back to balance. No good without bad. There can’t be daylight without darkness as well.

This is just my personal opinion and I am a millennial young like yourself too :)

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My thoughts are these. If you sit at home watching the telly you soon feel the world is a terrible place. If you step outside your front door and just listen and observe for a few minutes you realise the world is actually OK.

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@flutherother when I step outside my front door and listen, observe and talk to people, I realise there is so much pain and suffering out there.

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Yep, I’m with @flutherother

No, I do not feel humanity is evil as a whole and I still believe there are more good people than bad in the world, it’s just that the bad get more attention. In the grand scheme of history we are living in relatively modestly violent times. Be glad you weren’t born in the Civil War era or during the Crusades. I am 56 and was a hippie kid in the 70’s and still hold onto a lot of the ideals of those times.

I have chosen to live on rural properties and be a steward of nature, rescue animals, volunteer in many areas. Life is what you make of it and there really is no new news under the sun. People have been complaining about the evils of their world since the dawn of time. I do not go firth in fear, I live my life, and if I happen to get shot in the movie theater oh well, nothing I can do to prevent being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I don’t worry about it.
I worry about running out of bird seed for the birds or if someone might adopt our slaughter rescue mustang filly, or have the freaking chickens scratched up my garden spot again. haha
We all create our own reality, create your own and don’t borrow trouble. Stay the hell away from the media, no news is always the best news kiddo.

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…unless, @flutherother, you happen to be living in, say, Syria.

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@Pachy Yeah exactly, along with other parts of the world too

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Well..if you check the stats you’ll come to know there are more deaths caused by road accidents than such attacks. Does that mean you’ll stop going outside / travelling? You won’t, right? Everyone has a fear of death and are sure that it is going to happen eventually. Just don’t know when and where. Then why to be afraid of it and live in the fear rather than enjoying every bit of what is called life? So just live in the moment and don’t watch news too much..))

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@flutherother, I do agree with you about getting away from the doom-spouting TV and being among people. There are plenty of good ones out there to discover, especially when one is willing to be the first to smile and say hello.

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1. Have you lost faith in Humanity?
What faith? I’ve had many concerns about humanity for about as long as I’ve known about them. Age 4 or so. I’ve studied human history, and other subjects. The “recent acts of violence around the world” are not my main concern about humanity. My main concerns about humanity involve global megacorporations and corrupt governments and wildlife habitat/forest destruction and endangered non-human species and overpopulation and GMO crops and climate change and ocean acidification and related effects of human folly. Relatively small groups of humans killing each other are of course awful but are not high on my long list of disappointments with humanity.

On the other hand, I think ALL of the above problems are not problems with humanity itself. They are problems with out patterns of thinking, our institutions and our industries and ideas, and our governments. They’re not problems that are about what humans essentially are. I think practically all humans are essentially good-hearted in their original nature. But we often don’t have enough wise healers treating the deep psychological wounds we receive – instead we cover them up and they fester underneath our constructed identities and defensive patterns, which is where almost all the jerkish and abusive behavior comes from, ultimately. That and the way it shows up in our families and ideas and so on.

2. Are you afraid of a possible attack where you live?

3. Have you been living life to the fullest potential so far?
That’s the goal of an impossible perfectionistic mindset, which is a set-up for self-condemnation. It’s a good place to start looking at where we got such ideas, and healing the self-torturing nonsense we’ve built for ourselves around it.

4. Do you think things will ever get better? as far as peace in the world?
Yes, eventually. There’s a whole lot of shit that needs to come down at some point, though. It’s coming down, sooner or later, in one way or another.

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Sooo, watch something like this when you need to forget about the doom and gloom.
@Zaku I agree, I am much more concerned about the things you mention than a few humans killing each other.

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1. Nope
2, Nope
3. Yep
4. Things are certainly not as bad as a lot of people think. They suffer the myopia of stress and panic caused by a media that is constantly over emphasizing tragedy and mayhem 24/7; tragedy that is happening miles, thousands of miles from where you are—stuff that has nothing to do with you personally and, more importantly, things you can do nothing about at the moment, and sometimes never. Hang with that portion of humanity that actually contributes some good, maybe join them in doing something good.

There are a lot of problems out there, the world is full of them. Start with something small and simple and work on a solution. Look at these things as interesting challenges, not something to fear. It’s a lifetime gig. Hang with people who think like that and you’ll get your faith back.

Things get better as soon as you unplug your TV and restrict your viewing of news on the web—the content of which you control—to one hour every other day. And for chrissake, avoid drama queens, complainers and worry freaks.

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If you step outside in Arizona, you will be the only person outside.

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@SecondHandStoke Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. Sorry about your health issues. Hope things get better. I too have hope for the future, lets hope things get better sooner rather than later.

@FlutherBug Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. I feel you made some really good points. Thank you for the advice as well.

@flutherother Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. That is true, but depending on where you live. I currently live in the Bronx, NYC. This place is pretty depressing. However I agree with your point. Which is you have go outside to really experience what life truly is.

@ZEPHYRA Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. Same here, sometimes it depends on where you live.

@Pachy Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. Very true.

@Coloma Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. Well said, I also love to enjoy nature as much as possible.

@imrainmaker Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. Im more worried about such attacks then road accidents. Road accidents you somewhat can prevent it. The attacks going on these days is pretty hard to predict and prevent. However I fully understand and agree with your point.

@Zaku Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. That was well said. I whole heartily agree with your answer to the first question especially.

@Espiritus_Corvus Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. Well said. I agree with most of things you mentioned. However I feel we should be concerned about what is going on in other places. Their problems today could quite possibly be ours tomorrow.

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1. No. There is still a lot of good in the world. The reason we never hear about it is that bad things are more sensational and seem more “interesting”, thus media, whose main goal is to gain followers and earn money, is focusing only on bad things, creating anxiety and fear, making people easier to fall into propaganda and be manipulated by politicians (who, let’s be real, use media as their main tool). I don’t even believe media, it is everything except sharing information. It’s…...feces of a male cow, to say so.
There is a lot of good in the world, as much as bad.

2.I live on the Balkans. I have technically survive a war (Yugoslav wars in the 90s). I am very afraid of a war, but I will not be surprised if there comes any. Balkan is not called “a barrel of gunpowder” for nothing.

3. * existential crisis intensifies *

4. It will. it always does. All is well that ends well. If it is not well, it hasn’t ended yet.
Also, when it come to things like world peace, it’s a goal to always try to achieve, but not actually achieve it, We should do our best to make peace, but achieving actual world peace is kind of useless, and probably impossible.

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