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What resource or service would you like to be able to find online for free?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21650points) February 1st, 2012

What kind of resource or service do you wish that you could find online free of charge. Perhaps you would like to download fonts, buttons, clipart, books, puzzles or some other thing. Perhaps you would like to be able to use a search engine designed to find the most obscure and irrelevant results or file your tax report.

If there was any resource of service you could have online for free what would it be?

It could be something that there is allready a site for but is not free or is not that good, or it could be something that does not exist at all.

(Yes, if it is a good idea I’m going to steal it away, make it, and profit from it some how.)

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A real certified IQ test, made by, like, Stephen Hawking or something.

A website akin to Wikileaks for disgraced politicians, where we get to see exclusives on their latest illegalities and such…

A site where people can come to talk to real psychologists or councillors in a time of need would be very useful for a lot of people I think. Or maybe they have something like this already, that I don’t know of.

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Artists’ bios for 2nd-tier artists/craftsmen that are not locked up by those selling auction/valuation information. They are there but spottily. A search for this info usually turns up primarily things like ArtPrice and their ilk. Surprisingly, eBay occasionally has real nuggets posted by people trying to sell stuff.

Fonts, buttons, clipart etc are there on safe sites if you know where to look. Sites such as dynamic drive offer buttons, menus, favicon builders etc. Free resources for fonts and clipart can be found through flickr believe it or not. Skeletal Mess on flickr offers wonderful free textures. Free vector Images [name of flickr participant] offers all kinds of things from clipart to fonts to god-knows-what.

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A truly viable alternative to Google.

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I would love to have access to entire library collections.

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@marinelife are you aware of the Gutenberg Project?

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seek and ye shall find.
One of my alter egos just joined for free.
I guess Google is paying attention to my comments here.

Hooray for project Gutenberg. A lot of work has gone into that for a very long time. I’m surprised more people don’t know about it.

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