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How can you prevent cheating?

Asked by mignondefleur (138points) February 1st, 2012

Either by you or your partner..Either with relationships or school and office..basically cheating with anything

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No matter what measures are take, it may be reduced in some cases, but it will go on and more ways will be found to go round it….it will always be there flourishing!!!!!!!!!

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You can’t. You can’t control the honesty of others, you can only control your own honesty.

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@zenvelo isn’t cheating considered lying? how can you tell you’re honest when you’re cheating? just asking..;)

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[Not trust blindly, but develop trust.]

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There’s obviously a difference between all those things.

In a relationship, having the basics covered helps. Caring, communicating, doing things together, keeping the “spark” alive however you do it. Responding to and understanding eachothers needs, emotionally and physically. Not that there should ever be an excuse for cheating, but in reality, these are some of the reasons.

In terms of preventing cheating at school; do your homework.

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in school, make grades not matter.

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In a relationship, cheating is unpreventable. If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen and there is really nothing you can do about that other than making sure that you find a partner who would not do that to you.
In academics, cheating is stupid because you learn nothing. I would say don’t do it, getting caught will in most cases get you kicked out and then what? A bad score is not a reflection of who you are as a person, so who cares if you fail a test or two?

Just be a fair person, in all aspects of life. Don’t do something that can cause trouble and might hurt you in the long run. It’s just not worth it.

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@mignondefleur Yes, cheating is lying. I can control my honesty by not cheating. I can’t control anyone else’s honesty.

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For as long as there is an expectation of monogamy, there will be cheating.

Remove the expectation, remove the issue.

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You can’t. That’s like asking how you prevent violence.

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You can only prevent yourself from cheating.

I like @KoleraHeliko‘s solution.

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Cheating is just physical lying. You cant really control it. @Blackberry is totally right.

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I’m unsure if cheating can be prevented intentionally. But you can set upon a course to lessen the likelihood. And it helps if “cheating” is defined before it occurs.

Some think cheating is the physical act of having sex with another person outside the relationship.

Some think cheating occurs if a partner privately surfs porn for sexual stimulation.

Some think cheating can be an emotional affair with a co-worker or online association.

I once had a girlfriend who thought cheating was the simple act of looking at another woman and being unsure of my thoughts. If I saw a girl with interesting shoes, and looked at her for that reason, my girlfriend would assume that meant I wanted to leave her for someone better. That relationship didn’t last long.

To lesson the likelihood of cheating, I believe that open and honest communication is important. I think a couple should have many conversations about values, and how to achieve future goals together.

Patience and empathy rank pretty high too. If Hubby comes home stressed and tired, and doesn’t give Wiffy the proper compliments she needs to feel good about herself, then Wiffy should put it in perspective of what kind of issues Hubby is dealing with at work, and instead of taking things so personally, risking becoming an emotional co-dependent, perhaps try to become Hubby’s sanctuary away from work stress.

It’s also very important to allow each other to have their own personal space, away from the other. Hubby shouldn’t look at Wiffy’s new hobby as a competition against him. He should see her hobby as an expression of who she is becoming on her own merit, and encourage her to become all she can be, even without him. Wiffy will be attracted to those who encourage her, even amidst her failures.

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You cannot. Except for yourself by not engaging in it.

Working on your relationship and keeping your partner engaged with you is all you can do.

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You cannot prevent cheating or lying. You cannot control what other people do and say. All you can do is control yourself.

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Within a relationship, open and honest communication, acceptance and patience are key, along with a healthy dose of reality about human nature. One of the great sources of heartbreak in relationships comes from the expectation that people are supposed to be monogamous. The reality is that most of us just aren’t that good at monogamy, and historically, monogamy has never been a predominant characteristic of human behavior. Somehow, this concept has been lost, or dismissed as being a baser, more animalistic nature, that any truly good person can overcome. This is, of course, crazy, and for the majority of us who do feel sexual attraction to people we aren’t in relationships with, the choices tend to be either act on those urges discreetly, or repress them. Neither is a very good option.

Communication, and open dialogue about each partner’s sexual nature helps a lot. Dispense with jealousy and the idea that a partner having sex with someone else is the worst thing they could ever do. It’s not. The best thing is to make a relationship between you and your partner in which you can openly discuss your sexuality without feeling like you’re going to get in a fight every time you talk honestly about these things you can’t control. If you can talk about it, you can come up with solutions.

Remember, cheating means breaking the rules. Make rules that work for you.

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As a start, send Newt G to look for life in other parts of the universe. That will definitely cut down on it.

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I don’t think you can ‘prevent’ cheating in whatever form it manifests.

The most you can hope to do is to deter cheating and I doubt we can do that very successfully.

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If someone cheats it’s a symptom of a problem in your relationship! They’re clearly not finding it fulfilling (to the level you agreed in your implicit relationship contract, which is to the level of infidelity).

the best thing you can do, I think, is gird your loins—remain independent and be cool nomatter what.

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