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How to promote YouTube videos?

Asked by JoseB (53points) January 24th, 2013

Sup everyone!

I need help promoting my YouTube channel. I won’t post a link so Fluther doesn’t take down my question, but I’ll say that I post feedback videos for Web services and products.

I need marketing advice on how to promote my channel. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, where and how should I go about promoting my channel? Are there any forums that focus on Web products and services?

Any marketing advice would help guys. Thanks a lot.

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There are tons of forums and places online that feature web products and services. It is perhaps one of the most massively flooded markets on the internet. There is no shortage of digital marketing efforts on the web for this sort of product/service.

So your question really shouldn’t be ‘how to promote it’, but rather how to stand out in the crowd. Since you’re specifically talking about youtube videos, that’ll narrow your options a little bit.

If you just want plain old traffic boosts, and you have solid or viral-capable content, you consider outlets like Reddit, Buzzfeed, Digg, etc.

If you have an amazing, cutting edge offering, you could approach big online tech magazines like PCMag, TechCrunch, Gizmodo or Engadget.

For the generic social channels, you already know Facebook and Twitter can be effective, but Google+ and smaller channels shouldn’t be ignored.

Dive into the Blogosphere too, write guest post articles and also promote your own video-promoting articles.

These are all relatively high-level areas to start with. Eventually you’ll need to dig deeper into your niche and seek out places that might not be as big, but still are high quality, high authority and trustworthy places on the web with more relevant content and more focused on your specific offerings.

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You could try rotating your video tags once a month, so that you show up under different searches on youtube, and show up next to other recommendations.

If I have a video called “Wed Services” with the tags “web, services, feedback”, after I have got all the traffic I am going to get, I can change the tags to “web, services, reviews, criticism” and pick up a new bunch of views from that.

Could you post a link to your channel? I am interested in the topic and would like to take a look at what you have.

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@poisonedantidote – your idea sounds good in theory and could work if your only purpose is to put the content in front of a wide array of diversified groups on a rotating basis. But it’s just not very effective. It’s like spinning in a circle shooting a shotgun, hoping to hit your target when you should probably just use a custom built sniper rifle that you’ve fine tuned over time.

Also this idea supports the concept that you have to promote the video, when more effort should be focused on attraction rather than promotion.

These are just my opinions, and different tactics work for different people and subjects, but rotating keywords is (A) Diluting the authority of the channel and its target audience, and (B)pulling away from the best practices that can bolster solid, long-lasting traction focused consistently on the target audience.

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Thanks @gambitking and @poisonedantidote. I thought I responded to this but I guess it didn’t go through.

@gambitking I definitely want to approach the forums you mentioned. Do you think there will be anything wrong using the same approach I used here on Fluther? Should I be more direct? Less direct? Any strategy you recommend?

Here’s a link to my Forward Feedback channel. “Products With Stupid Names” is my latest video. Would definitely appreciate some feedback.

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