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Another question about working out...maybe too much? (Details inside)

Asked by tranquilsea (17760points) February 2nd, 2012

I’m back into the swing of things as my legs have completely healed and my knees are back at 100%, yay!

My schedule is as follows:

Mon/Wed/Fri – 6k run (running intervals to get my stamina up)
Tues/Thurs/Sat – weight training (fully body with 24 step-ups, 50 sit-up with weights, 43 mountain climbers, 24 burpees, 24 kettle bell swings in between each muscle group and it takes about 2 hours to do).

What I am finding is that my runs are killing me unlike they were when I was just running with no weights on the off days. I know I’m expending a great deal of energy with this schedule but I really want to improve my runs.

I wonder if I am over doing the weights a bit with all the stuff I do in between each muscle group and whether if I halve the repetitions I do whether it will improve things. It is something I’m going to try.

Does this schedule seem like overkill? Any suggestions on how I can improve my running and the weight training at the same time?

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Your legs are killing you because you’re working them out everyday. To properly work them you’re supposed to give them a day off in between to recoup. This recoup period is arguably more valuable than the actual workout part itself.

I would suggest doing legs MWF (some combination of the entire workout you’ve listed here) and doing some upper body stuff on TR. Either way though, if you continue to work the same muscle group on consecutive days (let alone 5 consecutive days) you will A)Find that muscle group to be particularly sore and B)Slow the rate at which that muscle group strengthens.

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Rest is an important part of training! The weights sound like a lot to me.

Congratulations on being back at it :)

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From what I know, catabolic processes should be balanced with anabolic processes, so it’s good to work specific muscle groups on alternate days.

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If I broke the workout up to doing all my legs stuff on M/W/F: running, lower body weights along with the burpees, mountain climbers, step ups, and kettle bell swings (eek that sounds like a lot for one day!) and then the upper body on Tues/Thurs/Sat…do you think that I would see more progression with the running?

I’ve been thinking about cutting down on the reps for all the “in between stuff” as I think I may be burning myself out a bit with them.

@nikipedia thanks :-)

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Why are you doing so much exercise? It certainly isn’t for health.

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Actually is it for my health. I had developed high blood pressure due to some medication I have to take. I also noticed that my cardio sucked big time so I started running and my blood pressure came down. Then I ran into shin problems and took up weight lifting while I waited for the operation to fix my shins. While weight lifting I noticed a big difference in my muscle development (duh lol) and it took me back to my very active childhood which I didn’t realize I missed until I became active again.

I feel very fit and I am quite proud that I’ve been able to keep this up through two injures. I’m pretty keen to see just how far I can push my body right now.

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@tranquilsea You will definitely notice faster development if you give your muscle groups rest days in between workouts. That does sound like a lot for one day (all those leg workouts).. I would suggest adjusting the workout so that it takes you somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half to complete. That’s enough to get you noticeable results within a month or two, but not so much to become super-crazy-bodybuilder.

What you do during the TR “off” days is really up to you. You could stay at home and sleep honestly… since your goal is apparently your legs. But most people like to do both “sections” of the body even if their goal is just one of them, as it helps you keep a routine and keep working out.

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@tedd I mixed things up yesterday with only doing my upper body (with weights) plus all my sit ups. I was able to tackle that without getting super fatigued like I usually do when I’m doing the full body workout. Plus it only took me 45 minutes which was refreshing.

Today I’m going to go for my run which takes about 40 minutes and then do the weights for my legs plus half of the burprees, kettle bell swings etc. That should average out to 60 burpees, 60 kettle bell swings, 60 mountain climbers and 60 step ups. Hitting the weekend my legs will get two days off which should help.

I was getting really bored with my routing so this has been a welcome change too.

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