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Women and doctors: Menstrual cycle question.

Asked by Facade (22881points) February 2nd, 2012

Has anyone had any experience with having two periods in one month?
(Before you say it, I’ve already made an appointment to see my gyno, but I just wanted to hear from other people what they’ve experienced.)

I started my period on the 16th of January, and it lasted for three days. Now I’m starting again today (17 days later). It’s pretty heavy, and I’m cramping.

Can anyone share their experience with this?

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The list of causes of intermenstrual bleeding can be found at this link from NIH.

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Are you in peri-menopause?

Irregular periods are common during this time, and yes, I have had this experience when I was in my early to mid-40’s. 44 was a jumping off place, all kinds of weirdness until the transistion was complete for me, at 49.

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Have you recently had any health changes or issues @Facade? Have you changed your birth control?

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@Coloma I’m 22, so I don’t think so.
@SpatzieLover I have plenty of health issues (none of them are directly related to my femaleness) and am not on any type of birth control.

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I think the body is cleansing what it needs to.
Do you want to have kids?

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just wondering…...

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When this has happened to the women in my family @Facade it has been due to:
Fibroids, cyts or endo…or all of the above.

My suggestion would be to write down how your baseline periods are. What type of PMS you have, color of & length of your menstruation….then compare this last one to it.

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@SpatzieLover Yea, I’ll do that and present it to my doctor. Thanks

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My first thought was fibroids, especially because of the cramping and heavy bleeding. Is this the first time it has happened or have you had issues with bleeds in between before? It could be stress, or change in diet too, but well worth having check. Done good to make the appointment.

If it is fibroids, get them taken care of as soon as you can. I know of a who ignored hers and when she and her husband decided to try for kids, the doctors here told her to forget about it, the fibroid mass was so large that there was no way to remove it or have children. She went to another country and they said they would try to remove the mass and then start her on IVF if they want to pay for it. (Private hospitals there that specialise in this and will take your money, but guarantee nothing.) They will, no doubt, pay for it.

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Are you sure that first lighter period wasn’t just super spotting? I ask because I used to spot before I went on birth control if I was stressed and the severity would often be in direct proportion to the severity of the stress. Other than that, the only time I’ve had multiple periods in a month is if I fucked up my birth control.

There is also a slight chance that a) you are pregnant. Spotting and false periods can happen in the early stages of pregnancy. Or b) you have developed some kind of condition that might require you to go on birth control. A relatively large number of females on birth control I know are on it because they have abnormal menstrual cycles without the pill.

I’m not a medical professional. Everything above is just based on my own personal experience and that of friends. Please keep us updated. I hope everything’s all right down there. :)

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@cazzie This is the first time something like this has happened. My periods have always been very regular. I was a little concerned about the first period because it was short, and I didn’t cramp as much. but, I just attributed it to my change in exercise. I’m very stressed, but I’ve been very stressed for over a year with no change in my cycle…
@KatawaGrey I’ve never spotted before, so I don’t know. I also am not interested in going on birth control, so I hope that doesn’t come up, but thanks for the info!

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I regularly bled more often than normal, and in the last two years before I had a hysterectomy, I bled constantly (as in every fucking day for two years). Most likely, my issues were related to two things: ovarian cysts and auto-immune/endocrine problems.

One thing it could be is a miscarriage. They apparently happen fairly frequently, before you even realize you’re pregnant.

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could you have been or be pregnant?

But it sounds like stress is affecting your cycle. When we stress, our endocrine systems goes out of whack and this really affects our reproductive system.

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@augustlan I’m so sorry to hear that =( Also @cazzie, I’ve been hoping it’s not baby-related, but I guess I’ll have to wait until my appointment to see what’s going on.

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This has happened to me too. I’m 16 and I had two in the same month. I think it’s just part of life, you know? Like, one day your body just decides to have two. It’s kind of like when you skip a period or something. I asked my mom and she said she had two as well. I think it’s normal, but it could probably be a sign that you are pregnant or had a miscarriage like @augustlan said.

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