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When you see a flower what do you think about?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) February 2nd, 2012

Whether you see a flower in real life, or in a photograph, what are the feelings flowers give you?

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“Cool flower.”

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Depends on the flower, there’s a whole ocean of emotions for some as memories come crashing down whereas others are merely meh.

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Happiness. Books in which flowers were significant – just finished The Sky is Everywhere, and lilacs are special in that book. Also a sadness because I know that flower won’t last forever. There are a lot of metaphors that connect flowers to human life lessons…..Guess I’m just in a melancholy mood aha

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nature’s gems…...Yippee!

Roses remind me of my aunt and Mother and their great roses!
Forget me Nots reminds me of the song in the 80s and a close friend!

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Flowers make me happy, and they make me feel good about the world.

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I always think of Eckhart Tolles opening comments in ” A new earth”, the “flowering” of human consciousness.

He does this great delivery of the unfolding of the first flower, waay back, gazillions of years ago in evolution.

The ultimate take is, to be present with the flower without labeling it a flower, which takes away it’s amazing floweriness and replaces it with the mental construct/idea of “flower.” Never mind, I’ve probably lost my audience by now. lol

But try this “exercise” sometime, just looking at anything without the mental construct of labels. Pretty cool! ;-)

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When it’s a real flower that catches my attention, I might go, ooh pretty. But I’m always curious to see if some insect is hanging around on or inside the flower. Ants, bees, butterflies. Insects are cool.

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I don’t pay attention to them, but if I do, I just think about the color…

“that’s an orange flower.”


If it’s a unique flower that stands out, I think “awesome flower.” Yeah, they don’t really trigger any thoughts nor feelings in me.

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The great variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Nature is amazing. For particularly beautiful blooms that grab my eye, I stop and spend a few seconds thinking compliments.

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Usually “yum”.

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Where’s my camera.

If it’s a picture of a flower I think “cool picture, I wish I had a nice camera so I could take pics like that”.

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The perfection of form found in nature.

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I think, “There’s nature, whoring herself out again.”~

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Zen Buddhism: Once Buddha, when asked how to achieve enlightenment, held up a single flower.

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Zigmund Lol, so true, so true…tricked out in all her finery…
Flowers are the perfect example of how transient and ephemeral beauty is. Nature has created such a diversity of forms and colors!!! How could anyone fail to be amazed? And flowers have this sensual appeal…..those velvety petals have reminded more than one person (Georgia O“Keefe) of other more human and seductive lures…...

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I cannot resist sharing a flower poem…

by Eve Alexandra

They are everywhere—those sunflowers with the coal heart center. They riot
without speaking, huge, wet mouths caught at half-gasp, half-kiss.
Flowers she promises I’ll grow into, sweet gardener,
long luminous braids I’d climb like ladders, freckles scattered
across our shoulders in a spell of pollen. She’s sleeping there—on that table
with its veneer slick as a glass coffin. She’s fed us fiddleheads, the tine fists
of Brussels sprouts, cupcakes, even the broken song of the deer’s neck. Singing.
Flowers everywhere. In my bedroom chaste daisies and the vigilance
of chrysanthemums. Dirt under my nails, pressing my cheek to the shag rug
with its million fingers. You could lose anything: a tooth, Barbie’s shoe,
this prayer. She loves me. She loves me not. I stare at my reflection,
a posy of wishes. Morning glory, nightshade, tulip, rhododendron.
In this poem I would be the Wicked Witch and she Snow White. Waiting.
My father talks to me about their lovemaking. My mouth empty
as a lily. I try to remember the diagram. Which is the pistil?
Which is the stamen? Roads of desire circle our house: Lost Nation Severance,
Poor Farm. Branches catch the wings of my nightgown.
There is a crow and the smell of blackberries.

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@Earthgirl But you see, there is some underlying truth to my sarcasm.
What I find amazing is the notion that there is soething which is beauty, absolute.
See, a flower’s sole purpose is reproduction, so it has to entice insects and animals to aid in this endeavor. it does this by being attractive, uncontrollably so.
It gives me peace knowing that there is something in this world that is beauty, absolute, so sure of its own beauty that even the simplest minded of creatures can not deny its beauty.

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zigmund Oh yes! Absolutely! I got that. I love how you phrased it in a humorous way but got at the truth too.

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Well then I guess I am also beautiful…
by the transitive is truth, truth beauty

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