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Does anyone know some great blogs about stuff in San Francisco?

Asked by Spargett (5377points) January 20th, 2008 from iPhone

A few I really like are SF Station and Laughing Squid. Does anyone know of any others kinda like that?

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hope you enjoy some of these…

SFist (bayarea sanfrancisco blog sf)
] A Local’s Guide For Visiting San Francisco, Moving To San Francisco, or Living in San Francisco
Cult Table Group of SF Friends Who Eat the World
Metroblogging Cool site

Tad out of date but good info
Mister SF

Collective Links

Nightlife – Stuff to Do – Film Festival
San Franciscio Independent Film
San Francisco culture, nightlife and events guide | |
Theatre Bay Area;jsessionid=90179070961B59B65FBD58855EA2A53D?hi=1
SF Weekly
SF Gate: News and Information for the San Francisco Bay Area
San Francisco Bay Guardian

Real Estate
San Francisco real estate tips, trends and the local scoop: “Plug In” to SocketSite™ (housing blog sanfrancisco finance)

Transit Link – Maps
BART Station Maps and Timetables
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA, Muni, DPT)
SAN FRANCISCO MAPS – Citywide Map, Regional Map, Neighborhood Maps

City Guides/Visitor Info
The Official Visitors Site for San Francisco

San Francisco City Guides: Walking Tour Descriptions
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau
San Francisco City Guides: News&Events
San Francisco travel guide – Wikitravel
San Francisco

Student Handbooks
International student Handbook SF Art Institute
University of San Francisco

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Impressive list. I’m curious to see if anyone can beat that. Heavy competition.

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Part Two…* the holy grail *

Ten of the best sites about San Francisco and the Bay area

San Francisco Crime

San Francisco’s Alternative Online Daily

News and (mostly) opinion from San Francisco’s economic left

Welcome to The Daly Blog! Here you will find my unedited, uncensored, unadulterated analysis of San Francisco politics. Check back regularly for the real deal—no holds barred!

I’m a software engineer at Yelp – San Francisco

I always LIKED Gavin but if you are of dissenting opinion…

Pro-Newsom Blog, Gavin

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