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Are you interested in seeing Madonna's Superbowl half-time show?

Asked by jca (35989points) February 3rd, 2012

A lot of people I am talking to are curious to see Madonna’s half-time show. She’s been around a long time, and she used to be somewhat interesting. Lately, however, she seems to fall flat.

I’m not a football fan and I’m not necessarily going to watch the Superbowl, but I have to admit I might DVR it so I could see what Madonna does.

Are you interested in seeing her half-time show?

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I think it will be about as interesting as if Mark Zuckerberg were on stage there saying HA HA, my company went public and I’m an instant billionaire and then mooned the audience. Yawn. What else is on?

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Madonna is one of those artists who I respect without being terribly interested in their work. It’s not that I don’t like some of what she has done, but she’s just not enough to my taste that I’m going to seek her out for entertainment. If I hear that it was a really good show, I might watch someone’s recording of it. But I won’t be going out of my way to catch it.

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I couldn’t help but notice in the recent interviews about this, that she hardly made eye contact with anyone. It struck me as odd, is all. Is she weird now?

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No, her latest song is really stupid and boring, she is not relevant at all anymore and the only thing interesting about super bowl is the commercials.

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Sure. Why not? It’s the half time show at the Superbowl. Maybe there will be a wardrobe malfunction.

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Not me. Not because I don’t like her or anything, but eh. I don’t even got cable anyways.

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I’m not into the superbowl, but I heard she is coming out in a gold throne. Seems like she wants to be more like GaGa in her heart.

And she has promised… malfunctions.

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Her music can be fun if you are fucked-up at a party dancing. But I would rather spend my time watching Mr D. reruns.

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@jazmina88 No malfunctions? I’m out.

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There are some popular artists from my youth who have aged well (musically speaking). Sting and Annie Lennox come to mind.

Madonna… Not so much.

So no, I’m not super interested.

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I’d rather listen to Friday

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Is she the Superbowl performer this year? I was wondering who it was. Ugh. I find her so dull and unattractive. No, I am extremely UNinterested.

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Nothing like a half time show to jump start a forgotten career.

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I was already uninterested in this Super Bowl. Knowing Madonna is the half-time performer has merely solidified this for me.

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Before reading this, I didn’t even know Madonna or the Super Bowl was on…. Hmmm…

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I heard her new song yesterday and it was sooo awful. It sounded iike pure bubblegum.

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I’m not interested in seeing Madonna at all. We watch the Super Bowl for the game because we enjoy watching football. I’ve really grown to despise the half-time show the past several years. Half-time is a time for us to go to the bathroom and grab more food. :)

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Yes. She is an iconic performer, and while I think she is past her prime, she’s still a pop icon whose influence on the industry is undeniable. Nicki Minaj and MIA will be performing with her – which will lend it a bit of contemporary. It’s fun to watch a performance with 100+ million people. I think we’d be more likely to see a girl on girl kiss than a wardrobe malfunction though, lol.

I love everything about the Super Bowl – the singing of the anthem, the commercials, the game, the pre-game hype, the half time show. Go Patriots!

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I’m not even interested in watching the Super Bowl.

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Once Whitney Houston sang the National Anthem no one has ever come close in intensity. I started to tear up when I heard it – and I’m not a die-hard patriot. It was a respectful and inspiring performance.

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@LuckyGuy: It’s sad how Whitney went from that to what she is today: a has-been with emphysema.

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I thought Whitney was making a movie now? She has emphysema? How horrible!

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Kelly Clarkson is singing the anthem this year. It might be spectacular – but for sure will be better than last year’s tragedy.

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I’m curious and intrigued about seeing her.

If she still looks anorexically buff, then I won’t be able to look at her without cringing.

If she looks okay, then I’ll have her on hoping that she’ll do Power of Goodbye or Love Profusion. Otherwise, my wife might be over with one of her feline friends and I’ll be involved with them while I have Mads on low volume.

BTW, didn’t she break a collar bone or something, when she was thrown from or fell off of a horse?

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Let’s not forget this travesty. Rosanne Barr 1990 . What the heck were they thinking??!?!?

Here’s a better version .

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I’ve never been a fan of her music or other ventures so I wouldn’t seek it out even if I did have cable.

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I dunno. I used to listen to her. I still listen to Ray of Light every so often. She got lucky on that one, I suppose. Beyond that, I think her career has spiraled down, and down. Still, I admire her greatly; is it just me, or do you think she’s actually kind of modest? In other words, I don’t think she’s gone bat-shit crazy, like Michael Jackson.

Having said that, I’m genuinely interested in seeing her. So, I’ll watch if if the timing is right, and just catch it on Youtube if I miss it. Problem is, I have an intense aversion to football, – it scares me – so the likelihood of me actually sitting down to watching it is nil.

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@LuckyGuy I thought the Rosanne bit was funny, but a lot of people thought it was offensive.

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@serenityNOW: I think her career has gone down hill but I don’t think it really matters to her -she has so much money,she lives in a castle, she does what she wants when she wants. Must be nice.

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@filmfann It would have been funny if it was on her TV show, or in a comedy club. But this was the Superbowl with millions of people, old and young, watching. There were Blue Angels flying overhead. It was disrespectful. The idiots who picked her where just dumb and should have been fired. But, hey, this is America. they probably walked away with big bonuses.

Notice how they learned their lesson and followed up with Whitney. She did it right.

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@LuckyGuy Would you say that a person who is not known for singing singing it poorly is more disrespectful than a singer singing well, but not knowing the words?

Oh, and Roseanne singing was at a Padres game, not the Super Bowl. Aaron Neville was the singer of the National Anthem that preceded Whitney Houston.

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@amujinx is correct. The crotch grab and spitting was a baseball reference, not disrespect for the country. Padres/Reds in July.

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@amujinx @filmfann You are both correct I did have the game wrong. It was not the Superbowl.
But I still stand by my comments. It was disrespectful. The promoters had a chance to had a chance to take either the high road or the low road and set the tone for their game and how the public perceives the participants. Clearly someone in head office thought the public would favor the lowest possible road. Sadly they are often right. I guess there was enough backlash they realized that was an incorrect assumption. It’s a good thing, too, or the following year we’d be subjected to the likes of her having a “wardrobe malfunction” at every show.

@amujinx I think both are egregious errors in judgment. Selecting someone to sing who does not sing well, when there are so many talented, respectful and, dare I say it, deserving people, shows an error in judgment by the promoter.
A good singer who does not know the words shows their own error in judgment. The singer know well in advance that he/she is selected for this honor. Rather than clubbing, or whatever, the few days before they should have been practicing over and over. I know when I have to make a short speech I spend the time to prepare and practice. There are no errors – ever.

If this is how they butcher a stationary, 2 minute performance of a well known song that has been planned well in advance, what must their on stage performances be like? Are they completely lip-synched and dubbed?

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@LuckyGuy I would say performing in front of millions instead of thousands could be enough to get even a prepared singer unnerved. Since you want to talk lip-synching too, you are aware that Whitney Houston, the artist who “did it right” as you said, lip-synched her rendition, right?

Promoters ask celebrities to perform the National Anthem for a reason; they want the personality’s draw to get people more interested. Saying that a performance is disrespectful when a celebrity, who was chosen based on their popularity, spins the performance to fit with the reason they became popular and a crowd draw in the first place seems silly to me.

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I hope she falls : D

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I’m not interested in Madonna, and I’m not really interested in the Super Bowl. (Who’s playing?)
It will be on at my house because my guys will be watching it. I’ll check out the commercials and our snacks.
I do agree with @LuckyGuy about the National Anthem, Whitney did it right and one reason besides her fabulous voice could be that she was backed up by a full orchestra. They were probably not going to screw it up or let her go off on some “Ohh,woo,ohh,eeh,ohh,ohh,ohh”, tangent like some singers do. I wish she could still sing it like that. Or can she?

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Whitney has emphysema now and I’m betting she’s not holding any extended notes. It’s a shame, because she was on top at one time and she had a great voice.

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@amujinx I heard rumors saying she lip-synched and other saying she didn’t. Either way, she was respectful, professional, enthusiastic, and prepared! And it sounded great!
Class all the way around.

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@lemming Now, now—that’s just mean.

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The first commercial I saw was “Daylight in a headlight”, by Audi. Apparently Audi headlights emit enough solar radiation to kill vampires. ;-o

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@lemming She didn’t fall but she did fail imo. lame, lame, lame half-time show.

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I thought she looked great for an old lady.

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@LuckyGuy “Once Whitney Houston sang…”

She just died

I used to be so in love with her.

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