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Wait... so "Watchmen" is not playing on ANY IMAX screens in North Carolina?

Asked by chad (694points) March 1st, 2009

Okay, so I’m freaking out a little bit (a lot, actually), because I stumbled upon this site and to my surprise, there are no current listings of any screens for the film in Raleigh, NC… or even North Carolina at all. I would be amazed and immensely relieved if someone could provide anything hinting that I will be able to catch this film in IMAX glory. Thank you!

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Damn… I just checked my area (Greater Orlando) and out of the 2 IMAX theatres here… I’m coming up with NOTHING as well. Maybe they just haven’t posted anything on the IMAX yet? I also heard talks about this week being the “short cut” of the movie… with a longer cut coming out later. Maybe that’s when it’s going to be wide release IMAX?

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Alright, I just read in multiple posts over on IMDb that there is not going to be anything visually different (like the IMAX-specific scenes that The Dark Knight had) with Watchmen. Sure it sucks, but I guess all of us can save a few extra dollars just by seeing it in the less-awesome, standard theaters, and then use the extra money on a case of beer of course, haha.

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I don’t care that I will be watching it on a normal screen cause I get to see it Wednesday night!!

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Watchmen doesnt even have that many IMAX scenes. Just like they did with Dark Knight. Im gonna see it n the normal screen, buying my tickets today!

Dont do the IMAX thing, its going to go from Regular Movie – 1 or 2 IMAX Scenes – Back to Regular Movie

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