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Why would anyone who's not a millionaire vote for Mitt Romney?

Asked by nikipedia (27454points) February 4th, 2012

Did his “I’m not concerned about the poor” lose him any voters? I can certainly understand why the rich would vote for him and his tax cuts for the rich (finally, a sure-fire way to increase the budget deficit!)

Can anyone make a compelling case for voting for this guy?

What the f is wrong with him?

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I can’t. I don’t like his social positions. (He has vowed to overturn Obama care, which has already done much good.) I don’t like his position on abortion. I don’t like his position on religious universities having to provide good health care plans.

I don’t like his financial positions. We need to re-raise the capital gains tax to 20%. We need to up the tax on the very rich.

He doesn’t care about the very poor? Some Mormon he is.

He also flip flops when cornered.

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Millionaires with a social conscience won’t vote for him either.

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I believe (and fervantly hope) he is eminently defeatable.

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Out of 313 million people in the United States, Mitt and Newt is all the republican people can come up with to run? I do not think Mitt Romney has the best interest of most of the people in mind.

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Maybe some people like the idea of electing someone who will cram Mormon beliefs and monuments down the throats of America, as Mitt did in Belmont Massachusetts. For those not familiar with the story, here’s an article from NPR.
The Mormon church wanted to build not a local but a huge regional facility in the quiet residential neighborhood of Belmont Massachusetts. It was intended to be so tall that you could “see Salt Lake City” from the top of the spire. Local zoning ordinances? To hell with the local ordinances which prohibited buildings of that height and size. Despite a court battle that went to the state’s highest point, Romney and the LDS church prevailed. Look very carefully to see what this might mean on a national rather than local scale.

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Because (some of) those non-millionairs are disappointed in Obama and cast a protest vote, thus voting for Mitt or Newt?

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Some of my old high school buddies from Las Vegas will probably vote for him because they are Republican and some of them are Mormon.

that’s the best I’ve got

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Millions will vote for him for one reason, and one reason only: he is not Obama.

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@FutureMemory has it right. So many want Obama out, they really don’t care who takes his place. While liberals think Romney is laughably easy to defeat, we have to remember that it isn’t really true. In any normal circumstances, it’d be a cake walk for the Dems, but not this time. I really hope we haven’t become complacent, and that every single compassionate person votes!

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Non-millionaires will vote for him because they aspire to be millionaires, and they think he will help them get there..

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@augustlan I agree with you, but I have to admit I find it baffling that some people have so much hatred for him. I can’t believe they have actually paid any attention to what’s been done during his administration.

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Because they like the good ol’ days 100 years ago, when it was a crime to spread information about birth control?

Because they’re racists?

Because they believe that Obama sounds too much like Osama, and that Obama faked his birth certificate and is really on “the terrorists’ side” and a secret Islamicister who wants to destroy Amerrrica?

Because he’s not their race?

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Whatever happened to Ross Perot? lol

Well…I’ll risk being beheaded, but really…what’s the point of voting at all? It’s such a joke, always comes down to the lesser of multiple evils…all illusion, all rigged, already predetermined. Okay…running away now

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@Coloma Er, because the lesser evil is a lot less evil (and/or less retarded) than the lesser evil?

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@Coloma It’s a pity you feel that way. I’m in complete agreement with @Zaku, and find it unethical to not vote. Edit: IF you are an informed citizen.

Coloma's avatar just depends on how much one has slogged through the illusions. My apologies, sincerly, I’m out of my league..and my response was off topic and inappropriate to the Q.

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It’s normal for poor people to vote for candidates who don’t care about them. Some people in America think they’re just temporarily inconvenienced millionaires.

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@Coloma I’ll get beheaded with ya. Honestly, what is a person to do if they don’t like either choice? I haven’t voted for a winner the past 3 presidential elections. I’m getting to the point where I don’t see the point. sigh

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@jonsblond It’s very important for everyone to vote. The zealots always have a strong turnout, a lot of people with no clue vote. Hang in there, maybe we can reclaim some sanity in politics. (Goes back to question, looks at choices, sighs, Please shoot me now.)

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It’s so important to vote. A vote for a candidate does not mean that you totally support everything they have ever done or ever might do. But surely you can see what changes occur with the choice of one candidate over another even within state politics right now… these choices have a direct effect on people’s livelihoods and safety nets. Who would want to sit by and let others make these choices for them?

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Why would anyone who isn’t a millionaire vote for any Republican? Republican policies benefit millionaires, but I don’t see how they benefit anyone else and yet, Republicans get lots of votes from people who will be worse off under Republican policies.

SOme of that is a lack of understanding of the impact of Republican policies. But a lot of it comes from a mentality of anything but the incumbent.

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I have to agree with @wundayatta, mostly because she beat me to the punch. Face it, most Conservatives vote against their own self interests.

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The fact that Romney wants to overturn “Obama-care” is laughable because the inspiration for “Obama-care” came from an extremely similar health-care bill he passed while governor of Massachusetts.

He was also pro-choice on abortion while governor.

While head of his Mormon church, he advocated for a womens rights group to the church higher-ups.

He was not for gay marriage, but he did publicly support gay partnership rights.

He now claims that over the years, since he was governor, he’s matured and changed his positions on such things.

I don’t believe him. At least personally, I think he’s the same “Bill Weld” moderate (almost liberal) conservative he was here in Massachusetts.

This is why some Republicans don’t support him. They’re afraid that once he’s the nominee, he’ll slide back to the middle and re-embrace his past positions.

He’s basically opportunistic and full of shit, but it may work. Lean far right to get the nomination, lean back to the middle (with an occasional nod to the left) to win the presidency.

Add to that the decidedly “anybody but (the black, Muslim, socialist) Obama” sentiment by a lot of voters, and Romney has a decent chance of winning this.

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@cprevite Sadly I agree with you.

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@cprevite Yes, but he will lose all of those ABO voters if he leans back to the left. I don’t think he will do that, and to be honest I don’t know which is the real Romney – so who can guess what kind of leader he would actually make? The guy who keeps saying things like “corporations are people, my friend” and “I’m not worried about the poor” – that sounds like the real Romney to me. He only sounds genuine when he’s completely wrapped up in himself.

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I just don’t get the Obama hatred.

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@dappled_leaves: Romney doesn’t have to lean too far to the left, just back to the center he occupied while governor. If he does that, he’ll get the votes of the “anybody but Obama” crowd. He may also get moderate to right Republicans and moderate to left Democrats. He’ll never get the extreme far left Democrats. Sure he may alienate the extreme far right, but they already don’t like him.

Either way, between the ABOs and moderates on both sides, he may have a decent shot.

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@cprevite Well, I’m not going to belabour the point, but I disagree with everything you’ve said there. :|

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@cprevite I think you may have just called how this election might go. No offense to @dappled_leaves but that sounds like a strong strategy.

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@dappled_leaves: S’okay. I’m hoping you’re right.

@Adirondackwannabe: Thanks. We’ll see how it goes.

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A good heart?

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