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If Obama was a supposedly non-native, Islamic, (potential) terrorist, what will Romney cq. Gingrich be accused of?

Asked by rebbel (34956points) February 4th, 2012

What will democratic supporters or you call Romney or Gingrich?

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That, of course, gonna hate.

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corrupt, cheating, job destroying, devoid of ethics and morals.
And unlike Obama being a muslim kenian terrorist, those are not suppositions, but facts.

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Stupidity ??!

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Newt will be the loving husband and Mitt will be known as the one tolerant of other views and religions.

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I’m afraid I don’t quite understand the question, @rebbel; but even the asking of it seems to me to give too much credit to base falsehoods.

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@Jeruba There will probably if not certainly be name calling, once a new President (if there will be a new one) has been chosen.
I was anticipating on that with my question, merely for a fun pastime.

Since I am a studious person, would you like to tell me what base falsehoods means?

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Romney is a Mexican, since his grandfather went there to avoid polygamy laws. And he wants to impose Mormon prophecy over the United States, so no women working, girls stay home after eighth grade and have their husbands arranged through the elder of the local church, and no caffeine except for Pepsi.

Mormons preach that Obama is unconstitutional so that the White Stallion Prophecy comes true.

All they can say about Gingrich is that he is a bigamist.

Democrats won’t say this; other Republicans have and will.

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Since Mitt is morman, he will outlaw coffee, premarital sex, cigarettes, and swearing.
Newt will try to install First Night privileges, allowing him, as president, to deflower any woman on the night of her marriage.

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@filmfann . . . Isn’t that F ornication U nder C onsent of the K ing?

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Generally, the truth will suffice.

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I think they’re already being called everything under the sun… by each other, while each tries to come out on top. They’re writing the Dems’ ads for them, right now.

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Frankly, if they just look at Romney’s record as Governor here in Massachusetts, the Democrats might say, “C’mere my brother”.

And Obama might say, “Ya know…that healthcare bill you passed in Mass. Looks an awfull lot like “Obama-care”.

“Republican” my ass.

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@rebbel, I’m using “base” in this sense (from morally low; without estimable personal qualities; dishonorable; meanspirited; selfish; cowardly.

Falsehoods are lies.

My comment is meant to say that repeating such lies even in the interest of asking a question strikes me as damaging.

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Romney is not a Christian and a poor hating elitist while Newt had three way sex with his wife and mistress. But still, these do not level up with the insane, cruel and idiotic things people believe or think about Obama.

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Out of touch Elitists.

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Gingrich might be a member of the Pennsylvania scumbag chapter of MKKK, the Moderate Ku Klux Klan.

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@mattbrowne He would get mad at you for calling him a Moderate anything.

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