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Have you ever felt violated?

Asked by Palindrome (1084points) February 5th, 2012

Physically? If so how do you cope with this?
I was really angered last night and still kind of am. We were going back to a friend’s apartment after this party. Mostly everyone was semi drunk except me and the driver. I ended up having to sit on this guy’s lap (who I just met that night) b/c we had no room in the car. Before last night, I would see him around a couple of times since he was a mutual friend of the friends I tend to hang out with.

Anyway, so he kept basically trying to feel me up. I kept moving his hands away, he would bring them back up around me. He would try to put his face on my chest, I would push his head back away from me.

I then told him to keep himself TO HIMSELF. He kinda sorta stopped after that.

I felt violated. I could have spoke up more. I could have embarrassed him. But I didn’t.

I had problems like this growing up. This incident kinda resurged those covered memories.

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Yes. I most definitley felt violated a few years back when a foriegn guy in a foreign country scarred me for life and ruined my holiday when he jumped me and kissed me.
With tongue. (shivers) I didn’t even do anything, I was 12 or 13? at the time :/

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Yes, I have and it’s a horrible experience. I’m sorry you had to deal with that creep.

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I happened to me too often. I got expert at catching hands and telling guys to fuck off.

Sorry it happened to you.

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Yes, it has happened to me. Forgive yourself. You did not do anything wrong. You told him no. You pushed him away.

Next time just don’t ride in a car in a situation where you have to sit on a guy’s lap.

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Yes. I, as I suspect @Marinelife is, you think you somehow are responsible or could have done more. This was his bad behaviour not yours. Again, ditto to @Marinelife’s suggestion, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t go, don’t stay, don’t get in the car. Have a back-up plan. My kids all know they can telephone us day or night and we will come and get them or make sure they have money to get a cab.

Stay away from that man. Listen to your instincts.

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You could get him back by telling those friends about it…

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