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What's the most embarrassing injury you've ever had?

Asked by Allie (17431points) May 21st, 2008

I’m watching the “Everybody Loves Raymond” episode where Robert gets gouged in the arse by a bull. That’s a pretty embarrassing injury.. what’s yours?

By the way, minor injuries count too. So go ahead and share it.

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i ran into a fence with little bits of wire sticking out. i was playing british bulldog and last one to the fecne was the bulldog. the funny thing is is that it was totally by accident. i can remember every single detail. there was something involving carrots too. i dont know why.

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One of my many embarrassing injury stories happened in Athens, Greece. I thought it would be fun to slide across the bed when we first entered our hotel room. I pulled back the top comforter, took my position in the farthest corner from the bed, ran, jumped, slid and… ouch! I guess in Greek hotels (or at least this one..) they iron their sheets so they were really hard and rough. I had what I call “sheet burn” on both elbows for a while. I also hit my head on the solid wood headboard and got a small bump.

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Bruised ego…

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actually, i thought of something funnier. i was at camp and the plumber was there with his dog for some reason. we were playing frisbee and the dog tried to catch the disc and it bit me in the nads instead. i had to go to the nurse, who was in her 80s and get her to “inspect the area”. also, i had to get a rabies shot.

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We were going out to lunch and my wild-assed Texas-born colleague Van was driving his van, which had no seats in the back. When he went around a corner on two wheels, I slid across the rough wooden crate I was sitting on shredding my panty hose and acquiring several splinters in my sit-upon.

It hurt so much I had to stand up the rest of the day, which meant everyone in the office knew and was laughing and making jokes.

One of the splinters was so deep I had to go to the doctor to have it removed, which he did—after he stopped laughing.

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This didn’t happen to me but a guy I use to know…We were at a camp one year and he was playing volleyball with some people. He ran towards the side of the court to try and hit the ball and ending up ‘clotheslining’ himself as we called it. He ran right into the rope with his neck that was attached to the net and ground and he flew off his feet onto his back. We were all cracking up. Sounds mean but he was okay and laughing too.

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Mtl_zack: Your second one made me laugh. =] Sorry, but it is funny.

Edit: So did yours, Marina. Again, sorry.

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@Allie I laughed at yours too (and rubbed my head in sympathy). I wondered if you were with a guy in which case it would have been even more embarrassing.

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@Mtl_zack Why do they hang those things on the outside? Poor design.

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Marina: I went with my family, my then-boyfriend, and his family (we’re both Greek and went to see other relatives). Luckily, he was unpacking in his room and only heard about my mishap.

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I destroyed a bunch of the ligaments in my foot standing in the theater at my highschool on a slant jokingly pretending to be a kung fu ninja master with one of my friends.
It was fun and funny until I slipped and my foot went insideoutwrongway and all of a sudden I couldn’t walk, breath, or stand. It happened exactly on Halloween. I had made a PERFECT mr. mistofolees costume that had taken forever and I couldn’t even walk. I ended up moping the night away.

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well, many things happen at camp, but thats only one of them. some people break their wrists while playing a certain card game we made up which involves tackling other people and punching the walls. theres also the psycological trauma of the game gotcha where everyone gets paranoid because they dont want to get out.

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Once during high school, my girlfriend got me in a headlock. I sort of just took it, because I couldn’t think of a way to get out of it without somehow violating my interpretation of southern gentility. She ended up hurting my neck pretty bad, and I was too honest and naive to make up an excuse for why I was sitting out at wrestling practice the next day.

“I can’t coach. My girlfriend got me in a headlock.”

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Not me but a friend of mine sprained her butt and couldn’t sit down and all the teachers would say why aren’t you sitting? I sprained my butt and it hurts to sit.

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@delirium Ouch.

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Well I was in a mosh pit once, and this girl was stupid and had a cigarette with her in the mosh. Well let me tell you this girl came flying at me because someone pushed her, and her cigarette went straight to my forehead. Yea I had a burn in the middle of my forehead for like two weeks. Yea wasn’t the best thing to show off.

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My then 7-year-old daughter told me that the pool we were swimming in was ten feet deep. I wanted to test her depth perception, dove under full force and broke my nose on the bottom of the five-foot depth. Ouch!

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Another one was when I had my kids convinced that I was formally a Power Ranger. I was demonstrating my mad martial arts skills on the newly waxed kitchen floor, went to do a round-house and fell, literally breaking my ass.

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Alright well this didnt happen to me but it happened to a kid i know and its pretty bad so ill share. Please dont read on if you have a weak stomach ^_^.

Alright as the story goes my friends were over this kids house getting completely drunk and just hanging out. Well this kid was completely trashed and decided to get on top of the table and yell “Look at me im spiderman” and started jumping from one piece of funiture to another. Well when he lept to the coffee table he hit it wrong and fell backwards off it and got rectally impaled by a chair like this(except those little knobby things were pointy).The chair ripped right through his pants and all and got stuck. It had to be pulled out by two people.The kid didnt want to go to the hospital because he had done coke earlier and was afraid of getting caught so someone else at the party(who was also wasted) said “I’ll sterlize it!” and then poured vodka on it while he was laying on his stomach. A couple days later it got infected so he finally went to the hospital and he was fine.

Damn thats got to be so embarrassing every time someone brings that up around him. “Hey dude remember that time a chair was half way up your ass because you thought you were spider man!!” Lol

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In sixth grade, I was so excited for recess that I jumped off the third step from a 14 step staircase. I fractured my ankle.

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When I was on the high school tennis team, we were doing a drill involving running right up to the net. The team lined up at the baseline, and then one by one we took our turn running up and hitting the ball. I ran a bit too far and hit the net and got caught up in it, ass in the air. I didn’t really get hurt, but wow was that embarassing. I thought my coach (who was, of course, a cute college boy) was going to literally die from laughing. It is 11 years later and I still never, ever charge then net when I play.

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Torn open side wound, it was embarrassing b/c it was on a skateboard / pavement in front of a pair of cyclists. Who didn’t stop. **sigh**

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when I was in 8th grade, I remember bouncing (or, i suppose jumping would be more appropriate) in my room to the radio & SNAP I felt a sharp burning in my foot. I told my mom I’d thought it was broken & she didn’t believe me until i was still in pain in the morning& it was blue. The nurse at the hospital asked how it happened & I told her I was just jumping. She advised me to come up with a better story to tell my friends. I did.

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Oooo. I just remembered another one. In sophemore year of high school, I slid into first base and hyperextended my right thumb. =)

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Being circumcised at age 7; remembering my uncle making fun of the fact that I had to walk around ‘spread eagle’ while it healed; he made up a song based on an old 70’s commercial for Alka-Seltzer (see if you’re old enough to remember the melody old-schoolers):

“Chop-chop, piss-piss, oh, what a relief it is!”

That memory haunts me to this day (sobs uncontrollably in fetal position).

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In a completely absent-minded moment, I decided to use the palm of my hand to check if the hot plate was on…......

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When I was around 5 or 6, I got bored one day and I decided to make a see saw out af a board in the back yard and a big rock. I put the board on the rock, and since there was nobody around to see saw with, I used another rock to be the “passenger”. I jumped on the end of the board, and the rock flew up in the air and came down on my head!! I ran into the house crying, and when I told my Mom what I did she laughed so hard. I had a headache and a red face that day!

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I’m not sure if this is embarrassing but here it goes. It was a wet and rainy day and I was headed out of my house to do some laundry. I was wearing flip flops, and as I went to go down the front porch steps with my basket of laundry in hand, I slipped on the wet steps. I went up in the air, laundry was thrown everywhere, and I landed on the edge of the step, right onto the left side of my butt.

As you can imagine, I ended up with the largest bruise ever!

But the best part was that the bruise looked just like a great white shark! I was rather impressed by my shark bruise so I felt the need to offer to show any of my friends/family who wanted to see. Surprisingly no one took me up on my offer, but I thought it was pretty cool. :)

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when I was little (probably 9) I was waving goodbye to a friend standing in my mom’s van. My sister didn’t see me waving goodbye, and slammed the car door really hard. (and it was also that type of van were you had to use all your might to close). The door slammed into my hand not once, but three times over and over again. I ended up breaking a little bone in my finger, and had to wear a cast. The embarsssing part was that the way the cast was molded, made me look like I was flipping everyone off. Everyone made fun of me in elementary school.

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Just this year I was with some friends and I put my face right up in front of this really stupid dog’s face and growled at it. Then it snapped too quick for me to move and bit my cheek. I was bleeding a lot and felt like a complete idiot.

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All of my injuries are fairly run-of-the-mill, so I’ll use this forum to embararass my friend Kevin.
He’s a 30 year old man that PULLED HIS GROIN while alone in his apartment attempting to learn to do the “crank ‘dat Soulja boy” dance, from a youtube video.

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I fell down a rock wall when I was running along it and took a big flailing dive, I was quite hurt but people were just standing there laughing at me. I don’t like rock walls anymore….

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@TheHaight I cringed reading that. Owww! That must have really hurt. Once is bad enoough, but 3 times must have been hell for you.

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GD_Kimble: HAHAHAHA!! That has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. I can just picture it. Wow… Thanks!

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PULLED HIS GROIN while alone in his apartment ha ha, now THAT’S not something you hear about every day. Poor guy, I know it probably really hurt, but Allie’s right, it is funny to read about!

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Scamp: It makes it even funnier that he’s 30 and was trying to learn the Soulja Boy dance. =D
That’s why I really like hanging out with people like this guy – they keep life upbeat.

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Oh HAHAHA!! After watching this I see what you mean!!

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GD_Kimble: I think I would pay to see a video of your buddy doing that.

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I broke my wrist last spring break doing relief work in Mississippi.

The contractor on site had us tearing down rotten sheetrock. He demonstrated that it was rotten by punching through it. I thought it looked like a fun way to relieve frustration, so when no one was looking, I punched through a piece of my own. Right on a stud. Crunch.

I then proceeded to pretend like nothing had happened and went about my day. I fell off a ladder b/c i couldnt support myself, after which point they noticed that I was holding my wrist. They all thought I hurt it falling from the ladder. We’ll go with that :D

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This was very embarassing. I was about 5 or 6 in a friends house, went to the bathroom and had a Something about Mary moment when closing my zipper. Now there was no blood but as I was crying everyone came rushing to see what was wrong. To make a long story short I was brought to the doctor and I will never forget her words. “its just like reversing a train on the tracks” and then she did exactly that. It hurts now just remembering…...

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I didn’t think that heating pads could go hot enough to burn you so I thought it was a matter of pain tolerance. I had a really bad aching hip. So I stayed on the heating pad and stayed and stayed despite how hot it got thinking “its not burning you”.

I ended up with blistering burns all down the right side of my ass.

They will burn you. Not sure where I got the idea.

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Bri_L: Your story reminds me of another of my own.

I was in Europe and in the bathroom in our hotel the towel bar was a heated one to warm the towels. So I got out of the shower, took the towel and was drying off. I completely forgot that the towel bar was heated and when I turned around and got too close to it I got singed. It even made a little sizzle sound like I was in a skillet or something. I had a burn mark on my bum for a few days.

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@Allie Ouch! I love heated towel bars, though. Wish they had more of them in the US.

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Allie: OOuch! that had to hurt!

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I was walking in the woods with a co-worker during our lunchbreak. I tripped over, you know, some air that was apparently impeding my motion. I would have fallen flat on my face, however, my breasts broke my fall. Because it happened at work in front of witnesses from the HR Department, I was forced to go to Meidcal for a look-see.

The ancient doctor took one look and said, “Wow, those boobies are sure gonna be bruised tomorrow.” And he was right.

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@rowenaz – I have got to say that is a pretty amazing story. =]

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@Mtl_Zack – Gotcha is also known as Assassins but you get to have cool little water guns. Look it up its great fun. And played world wide.

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@ marina

So there are no burglars entering the property? In Mexico, They put glass on the top of their fences so no one could climb it. You also see those fences with barbed wire on the top.

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When I was really young and was at my grandparents house, I ran full force into a closed sliding glass door that my grandma went out of her way kept so clean. Needless to say, I always put my hands out in front of me when I go throught any of those.

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What a embarrasing terrible experience. I feel the need to laugh bad for you.

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I feel the sympathy

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That’s Good. tehehe

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