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Question about Accutane (details inside)

Asked by redfeather (6507points) February 6th, 2012

I recently started taking Accutane and they make a huge deal about not getting pregnant on the drug because of the terrible birth defects it will cause. I was wondering if they give the same warning to men and if it affects their spermaly-ermalies. Or if it would just mess with my eggos.

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It is the developing fetus that is affected. A the very least defects, at worst death of the fetus.

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Of course, I know the warnings, they’re quite serious about getting the prescription and I had to do/have to do a lot to get it. I was just warning if they give the same warnings to men.

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There are no warnings for men. Apparently the drug has no effect on spermatogenesis, which is the process by which spermatozoa (“sperm”) are made in the testes.

From info at nih:

In studies of 66 men, 30 of whom were patients with nodular acne under treatment with oral isotretinoin, no significant changes were noted in the count or motility of spermatozoa in the ejaculate. In a study of 50 men (ages 17 to 32 years) receiving Accutane (isotretinoin) therapy for nodular acne, no significant effects were seen on ejaculate volume, sperm count, total sperm motility, morphology or seminal plasma fructose.

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Just women. Not fair but men aren’t the ones getting pregnant.

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@redfeather , When i took that stuff as a teen, I lost a lot of hair. Keep an eye on your shower’s drain. I only mention this cuz your actual question has some pretty good answers above.

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Thanks, good to know!

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