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What is going on with this fly bite?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12088points) December 14th, 2016

I went to the beach. The day I left what seemed to be a standard house fly landed on my stomach and bit me one inch from my navel.

It didn’t swell up or anything. Now as the weeks have gone by, I must have irritated the spot, and it is like scar tissue. A one millimeter bump. It has no color, it sort of looks like a pimple without a head. There doesn’t seem to be anything in it. It’s small.

Should I just ignore it? I haven’t even put any antibiotic ointment on it. But I don’t like it. Especially since it was a fly bite. Thinking about going to buy some wart remover, or something.

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Sounds like you have subdermal cyst. Go to the doctor.

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See a doctor at once! Superbugs are everywhere and you don’t want to get one!!!

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Alien egg?

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@Ltryptophan I think you need to see a physician asap! The insect likely laid eggs. I hope you let us know what the doc says. Be safe and see doctor now. You do not want a parasite.

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News Flash: I came here as soon as possible::

Ingrown hair!!

Yall got me pretty dejected.

So I looked down at it and could see a spot of black. I says to myself, self, whatever that is it wants out, let’s buckle down and squeeze it out of there.

So I did. It came out like a worm, and I’m thinking, oh yeah that fly definitely got me prego.

I kept squeezing til it was all the way out and a blood drop formed. Applied alcohol, and antibiotic.

It’s just an ingrown hair with a hard oily pustule surrounding it.

Thanks for your encouragement!

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Glad you found out what it was. Depending upon where you had been when it happened I was going to suggest bot fly

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@Ltryptophan ... we’re breathing again…

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