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Do you have a Wii Fit?

Asked by wilco (63points) May 21st, 2008

i’m wondering.. can the wireless wii fit balance board work if there’s an object (like a couch..) in between the wii and the actual board? anyone have any idea?

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it depends on what the wii controller uses to let the system know where it is. If it uses inferred, like a tv remote, then yes it will not work with something in the way. But if it uses blu tooth( radio signal ) like the ps3 then it would not matter. I do not know that much about the wii…

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I have Wii Fit and I believe the board is Bluetooth only. I have it on the floor about four feet from the tv stand the Wii sensor bar is one the tv stand two feet up. So it is not within line of sight of the board. It works fine there.

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I just checked. Although the manual does not address it. From looking there is no IR emitter on the front of the board.

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ijimmy, do you like your wii fit? i’ve read mixed reviews! and thanks everyone for your answer, i appreciate it.

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I LOVE my wii fit! Very happy with it. I think everyone should own it, especially if you never exercise. My dad beat my sisters and I in the hoola hooping!!! I didn’t know if that was an insult to us…. Or weird for him? Haha.

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I don’t have Wii fit. yet. I’m really looking forward to getting next time I’m near a video game store.

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There is much more to it than I imagined. It’s kind of amazing all they can do with just the board. However it really is more exercise than game. After 30 min I was ready to sit back on the couch and play Mario Kart. But, yes I like it, a lot.

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I want wii fit so badly, can’t answer your question though

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The wii board uses bluetooth, so a couch in the way won’t be a problem.

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